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We provide free articles on a constant basis. We are willing to help students and aspiring writers get more knowledge on academic writing standards and requirements. Use our blog to enhance your skills and broaden your horizons. Our writers want to share their vast experience and are also willing to provide custom help based on your needs. Everybody is welcome to read the most recent articles on topics related to academic writing.

Signposting in Academic Writing

Showing the Way: Signposting in Academic Writing

May 18, 2013

If you need to find a writing manual, you can search the web and select the most useful among tons of academic writing guidelines. Subjects have different requirements: format, style, structure of the paper, etc. Some papers have strict requirements like methodology part and footnotes. Read on to find out a useful writing technique that would help your reader understand what he would get from your paper.

Book Review, Create a Writing Plan

Book Review - Create a Writing Plan

May 17, 2013

Book review is a common academic assignment and is not that hard if you actually read the book. You should not confuse a book report with a book review. Book review is all about analyzing and criticizing of a book content, ideas, events. You should read the book, find reviews by other authors, create your own attitude toward the book, characters and plot. Don't limit your thoughts to others reviews, be unique and stay true to yourself.

Layers of Meaning in Academic Writing

Peeling Back the Onion: Layers of Meaning in Academic Writing

May 16, 2013

Anybody would agree that writing a well-researched and structured essay is a challenging task. You should come up with a writing plan first: find time for reading and searching of relevant material. When you find the sources, you should evaluate the ideas and decide how to use them effectively in your paper. Not every academic paper is easy to complete, you should take each assignment rather seriously and follow the requirements.

Edit Someone Else’s Rough Draft

How to Edit Someone Else's Rough Draft

May 15, 2013

How many times have your friend asked for your help? Do you know how to edit somebody else's rough draft? Have you done it at least once and was it successful? Editing is not very entertaining, but your help would be very appreciated. You should be ready and know what to start with. It can even help you to master your skills and get more practice needed to succeed in studying. It is not hard to criticize somebody's work, but improving it can be a challenge.

Right Tense in a Research Paper

Finding the Right Tense in a Research Paper

May 14, 2013

Writing a research paper or any other academic assignment can't always go without any problems. Still, verb tense is not something you think about when you start working on a new paper. You should always stay calm and consult different grammar manuals to re-fresh your knowledge. Grammar rules can be confusing, but if you have useful guidelines at hand, you will easily find an answer to your question. Take time on proofreading in order to minimize a chance of getting a lower grade.

Common Verb Usage Errors

Common Verb Usage Errors

May 13, 2013

Do you think that you create error-free papers? You don't need help or proofreading services? It could be true, but you would only master your skills with additional review of the grammar rules. Verbs are rather tricky. You should follow the general rules and always re-read your work upon completion. Time always matters and is not enough, but if you know the rules and follow them, you will do well without extra editing or proofreading.

How to Write a List

How to Write a List

May 12, 2013

Adding a list to your academic paper is a must. Almost every paper has a set of ideas, facts, arguments that can be grouped together to form a list. You should know the main rules of lists' creation and follow them precisely. If it is not your first time writing an academic paper, you should know how to follow the rules and why it is so important. Bullet points is one way of writing a list, but you can choose the best one for you.

Common Adjective and Adverb Usage Errors

Common Adjective and Adverb Usage Errors

May 11, 2013

You are aware why it is very important to follow the grammar rules in your papers. The grade depends on the quality of writing: content, grammar, style and format. Some parts of speech can be confusing and require close attention not to commit any mistakes. Proofreading should be always done in order to fix any problematic parts before the submission. Adjectives and adverbs are among those you should check the rules for.

Researching for a Literature Review

Researching for a Literature Review

May 10, 2013

Academic writing can't be done without researching for a good topic, relevant sources unique ideas. You should find time to get material you could use for your paper. If you think that Internet is your savior you should think twice. Each tutor or paper has specific requirements and you should find out what is accepted as a reliable source. Not every site related to the topic can be included in the paper. Try to create a plan where you schedule each step and save enough time for each stage of writing.

Essay Writing Checklist

Getting It Right From Top to Bottom: An Essay Writing Checklist

May 09, 2013

Having a writing plan would save your time and help to create a good paper. How many times have you felt like time is running to fast and you are getting late? Submission dates are not flexible and the tutor would not let you submit the paper when you are done. You should work by the stated deadlines. Following the plan and using a checklist would guarantee completion on time. You might forget what should be present in the paper and it can cause a lower grade even though you work so hard.

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