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How To Write a Reflective Essay: 7 Great Topic Examples

Writing a reflective essay is not that simple. First, you should know more about the concept of this task. The number-one purpose of such paperwork is disguised in the assignment's name. You need to reflect on your personality using your personal experiences, feelings, or ideas in this paper. Be ready not just to describe an event or aspect of your life but also what kind of thoughts such an experience has raised in your mind. You don't need to describe in detail your biography, but your reader should have a particular image of you as a person after reading your essay. What is the best place to look for reflective paper ideas? Things around us mainly reflect our personality that we meet in everyday life and distinguishes us (even if these things seem to be casual and ordinary). Therefore, an excellent basis for winning academic paperwork would be a description of such things and aspects as:

  • interpersonal relations
  • events in which you took part
  • countries and cities you have visited
  • family and friends
  • everyday life and hobbies
  • thinking about yourself

Since there are a vast number of topics to think about, many students can find it very challenging to choose an issue that would be of maximum interest and probably enlightening. Therefore, we have made for you examples of topics for pieces of academic writing to organize a little the spectrum of all possible (and most exciting) ideas for an ideal reflective essay.

Examples of essay topics to open up your individuality

Now you know more about the reflective essay objective and what should be covered in this written piece. All you need is to describe a particular aspect appropriately and also to conclude with an example of a personal experience. It is crucial to select a really enjoyable topic for a future academic task to make the right impression. So, we represent a compilation of the most prominent good reflective essay topics.


Relations with others are an integral part of regular life. Relationships very often help us better understand ourselves, find our "weak points," and even see shortcomings or virtues of our character. What aspects of relationships can you highlight in your reflective essay?

  • The time when you helped someone or got a help
  • A joint trip with your friend
  • The moment of your first love
  • Behavior that can surprise or discourage you
  • Your first speech in public
  • Your communication with peers as a child
  • The time when you had a conflict with older people
  • When and how did you find your best friend
  • A person who has influenced your future life
  • The time when you were responsible for someone
  • The most severe conflict and the way you coped with it
  • A person who would become your best friend easily

Hobbies and Outdoor activities

The way we spend our free time and the places we go to can tell a lot about us. Also, even the most regular walk can inspire certain thoughts or ideas. So what can you describe if you want to write such an essay?

  • Morning walk in the summer forest
  • Evening on the seaside
  • Climbing experience
  • Visiting a zoo
  • Historical sightseeing
  • Refreshing jogging in the morning
  • Meeting the sunrise or seeing the sunset
  • Watching birds flying in the sky
  • Picking mushrooms or berries in the forest
  • Bike tour outside the city
  • Lying on the flower field and watching the sky
  • Swimming in the sea or lake
  • Hiking and spending a night in the mountains (forest)

Personality and character features

Nothing distinguishes you from others as much as features of your character. But even more interesting is how you can review your thoughts and character by yourself. Be honest with yourself to create a high-quality reflective essay. What should you write about in your reflective essay?

  • How often do you lie, and how do you feel about lying?
  • What things can piss you off?
  • When was the last time you felt embarrassed?
  • What stands you out from the crowd?
  • What are your strong and weak points?
  • Do you have fears, and how are you fighting them?
  • What helps you feel confident?
  • Are you an optimistic or a pessimistic person?
  • The most effective way to relax
  • How do you want to change the world for the better?

Entertainment and place-visiting

People prefer certain places because they evoke particular emotions, feelings, or memories. It can be said about travel as well. What can the cities and countries you visit tell about your personality?

  • Where do you prefer to spend the whole weekend
  • The first flight by plane
  • The most unforgettable journey
  • Cyber-traveling: you and social networks
  • Visiting relatives outside the city
  • Your favorite shopping mall
  • How often do you devote time to shopping?
  • A place where you like to spend a time
  • A place where you are always ready to return
  • A place that gets you back to childhood

Daily life moments

We don't care about so many things that matter a lot in everyone's lives. So try to remember in detail at least your last weekend, and you will know more topics for a first-class reflective essay to write.

  • Picnic with the loved ones
  • Organizing the movie evening with your relatives
  • A day that you can call the happiest one
  • The idea that you wake up with every morning
  • An accidental acquaintance on the street
  • A song that painted your day in bright colors
  • The last movie you watched for a while
  • The book that changed your life forever
  • The last moment when you couldn't stop laughing
  • The dish that excited you
  • When did you have your last important conversation?
  • What was the last time you were walking alone?
  • Your last letter
  • What was the last thing you dreamed about?

Home and the family

Relatives can play a vital role in a person's life. For example, how we communicate and have a great time with family can be an excellent basis for a reflective essay.

  • Your reaction to the appearance of a new relative
  • Your relationship with the oldest relative
  • The last time you had a family reunion
  • Have you dreamed of a sibling or wanted to be the only child in the family?
  • The last time you got punished by your parents
  • The most memorable family trip
  • Loss of a relative and the way you have coped with it
  • What is your relationship with your younger brother/sister?
  • Distant relatives with whom you are not familiar.
  • Your last quarrel with your parents
  • A relative with whom you are in the closest relationships
  • The last time you shared a crucial secret with your parents

First experience and important events

Each person has unique events that are of particular importance. It does not have to be something great, but even small events can be filled with something unique and priceless for some people.

  • Your first ride at the wheel
  • The very first memory from your childhood
  • Excitement while entering the college
  • The first bicycle ride
  • Wedding of one of the relatives
  • The first night's sleep at your friend's house
  • Your first "A" for the home task
  • The time you were given what you have been dreaming about
  • Graduation party
  • Your first date

And these are not all topic examples for creating an original and unique paper. You just need to write your honest thoughts, and your work will be absolutely unrepeatable and fascinating for your readers. Believe in yourself, and you will create an A+ essay!

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