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The Foundation of a Good Comparison Essay

If you decide to take on the task yourself, allow us to give you some tips from professionals. First of all, if you are about to write a comparison essay and feel like you know nothing about it - there is nothing to worry about. You can't know everything about every type of academic writing out there. If you have the time, you should take a look at some basic outlines and patterns of how to make your comparative essay passable.

  1. "What exactly is expected of me?"
  2. Before starting your essay, it is best to find out exactly what the requirements are. A comparative essay is all about, you guessed it right, comparing things. In case you are given a topic, your task becomes a bit less complicated because, based on that, you can easily find comparable aspects.

  3. Choosing the Topic.
  4. Sometimes, you are expected to pick a topic yourself. When you are asked to do so, you shouldn't forget that a good comparison essay might come in handy later. You might use it in your future studies and research, so spend some time on choosing the right topic. You can simply compare different events and other pieces of information relating to that topic. Or else, you can also go in for case study method as well, which could give you an extra edge. Try to connect the topic to the studies you're doing in your class so that it could be more relevant.

  5. Don't drag it out, be specific and dead-on.
  6. No matter what topic you choose, you need to show the purpose of the piece very clearly in your essay. The comparisons need to be on-the-spot and make sense context-wise. Just following the basic guidelines for the essay wouldn't quite help and is not the right course to choose. Keep in mind that you are not working on a general essay, you are writing a comparative one, and it is better if you stick to the prescribed guidelines for this kind of paper.

  7. Research and Explore Everything.
  8. When you are doing your research, make sure you can analyze and organize the details properly. Use as many sources as you can - the Internet, books, journals, maybe try to find some experts. It is advisable for your comparison essay to have as many details of contrast as possible.

  9. Make a What-to-compare List
  10. After all the necessary research is complete, you should start jotting down the outline of your introduction from the information that you've accumulated. List the focal points that you are to compare in your essay following a certain pattern. Whoever will read your work should be able to distinguish those points at the introductory stage so that he is able to understand the flow of your essay right away.

  11. Take it Easy and Don't Drag It Out
  12. When it comes to the body of a comparison essay, you need to keep it relatively simple. The usual tendency held by many is to just stuff all the comparative details in the paragraphs of the essay. But they tend to forget that it should be done in the right manner. You need to take one point at a time in every paragraph. This way it would be easier for the reader to comprehend the essay and follow your train of thought.

  13. Wrap it up Smoothly.
  14. A conclusion is every bit as important as any other part. You have to summarise everything you've discussed and come to a coherent opinion. Don't push it too much though, make it look like a natural conclusion you came to by pure logic.

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