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Custom essay writing plan: what not to do

When you write an essay it requires appropriate knowledge, skills and expertise to finish it to its fullest. Plus it needs patience and perseverance for you to continue writing until you will reach the end point. To really make it easy do not even think writing like a difficult job rather than treat it in a fun way. You will find guidelines on writing appropriate essay, the dos and don'ts to enhance the writing skills. The dos are quite usual to everyone unlike the don'ts which is much better to learn in order to prevent some improper methods in custom essay writing.
  1. Do not write without having an appropriate topic. Topic is essential in custom essay writing. Topic is what the essay is all about or perhaps the core concept of the essay. Before writing an essay you have to come up with the good and proper topic. This can be your best guide with regard in making the flow of your essay. In selecting the proper topic, appropriate research and analysis is the best method. And brainstorming will be a great help to formulate topic for your essay.
  2. Do not make use of improper context. The context of the essay should be defined. The context is the way the word is used. The context will incorporate certain bounds just like the length of the essay, page format, and pinpoint the target readers. In writing an essay the words are very important when you intend to attract readers. And those words should attract and catch the reader's attention.
  3. Do not use pretentious words. Make use of simple words which are understandable by the audience.The simpler it is, the better. Somehow when you want to impress your readers you are going to use pretentious words which make your sentences misplaced or missing the thought of your essay.
  4. Do not include way too many ideas. The ideas are part of making effective essay writing. The more simple the idea of your essay, the better impact on the reader it would have. Having too many ideas is great since you will have numerous choices, however it is also bad in the manner it can make the thought of your essay crowded and somehow misplace the concept of your essay.
  5. Do not use words and paragraphs that are not linked to each other. In custom essay writing it is necessary that every word or paragraph must link to one another otherwise the thought of the essay is gone. There has to be a connection between paragraphs to prevent suspending phrases.
  6. Do not be computer dependent. When you are too much dependent on your computer it will dull your writing skills. Yes, computers actually are a tremendous help in many different ways especially in writing since it can check grammar, however the more dependent you are the more possibility of losing your abilities maybe later.
  7. Do not be afraid to revise the essay, if necessary. Revision is effective in different ways. Revision will assist you to enhance the concept of your essay. Just be sure you apply it when you think it is right and in case you are doubtful about it, better not to try it.
  8. Do not write during deadline period. You should write an essay long enough before the deadline, otherwise due to the rush you may forget to recheck and read it repeatedly before submitting. As a result you can fail to pass the standard of your professor or employer. Having plenty of time to write and recheck your essay is very important to avoid mistakes and to have a high quality essay.
By simply following the above mentioned guidelines, surely it could be a big help in enhancing your writings skills. You've now learned the don'ts in custom essay writing you will somehow find out how to avoid the errors and mistakes that you simply committed before. And be sure before you make your essay, you must first create an outline, it will guide you to produce the perfect essay.
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