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Blog on Academic Writing - Page 5

We provide free articles on a constant basis. We are willing to help students and aspiring writers get more knowledge on academic writing standards and requirements. Use our blog to enhance your skills and broaden your horizons. Our writers want to share their vast experience and are also willing to provide custom help based on your needs. Everybody is welcome to read the most recent articles on topics related to academic writing.

Essay Cover Page - Helpful Hints to Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

Jul 11, 2018

Writing an essay is a challenging and effort-consuming task. It feels so good when you're finally done with it! But, there's one more thing to deal with - essay cover page. There are so many details and formalities! Where do you even start?! Well, we can tell you where! Just open our article and become more professional.

How to Get Good Grades in College

Jul 10, 2018

Learn more about how to improve your grades and study better in College. In this article, we give practical tips and advice regarding the various ways of boosting your mental capabilities and scheduling your everyday activities in a way that would have a beneficial effect on all the aspects of studying in college or any other establishment.

How to Write an Interview Essay: Ask, Organize, Analyze

Jul 09, 2018

We all enjoy reading various interviews in newspapers and magazines, but what if you have been assigned to turn an interview into an essay? This guidelines post will help you not only make your essay exciting and logically-structured but will also provide you with some tips on how to conduct an amazing interview and get the perfect results.

How to Use Endnotes: Brief Guide for Students and Writers

Jul 08, 2018

Academic writing is not an easy skill to master, especially when there is a number of format and style requirements. Learn how to use endnotes in your papers with our elaborative guide. The article provides the explanation and examples of how to correctly format your endnotes. Learn with us!

How to Start an Essay With a Quote Properly?

Jul 07, 2018

If you don't know how to start an essay, consider opening it with a quote. How to do that correctly? Well, after reading our short guide, you'll get a better idea of putting quotes in your essay's introduction. All the peculiarities of using citations as attention grabbers are just five minutes of reading away.

How to Do an Article Critique: Useful Student's Guide

Jul 06, 2018

Article critique is a tricky type of task. All the rules, details, requirements, and such! With our article on how to write an article critique, this assignment will become a no-brainer! Read further and uncover the mysteries of this assignment.

Stanford Coursework: Challenges and Solutions

Jul 05, 2018

Education at Stanford is a real academic adventure that will bring you joy and unforgettable impressions! We suggest you read this blog article to learn all the features of Stanford coursework and study the specifics of different assignments to succeed in your academic achievements. Know more about such programs as SLE and MBA and spend time in Stanford unforgettably.

Title Page for a Research Paper: The Basics

Jul 05, 2018

Sometimes during the preparation of a research paper, students tend to pay insufficient attention to the title page. But this is the first thing your professor will know about your work! In this post, you will learn more about the features of the two main title page formats: APA and MLA, and become aware of how to process it well.

Steps to Writing an A-Level Science Fair Research Paper

Jul 04, 2018

Have you ever been to a science fair? It is an interesting even made to enlighten young minds and inspire the urge to explore and research. Sometimes, you may get assigned a science fair research paper, and we are here with this article to help you navigate the definition and peculiarities of creating such a writing piece.

Marketing Research Paper Guide

Jul 03, 2018

Even though marketing is a very influential and discussed part of our life, many students may have difficulties being assigned to write an essay on marketing. The amount of good marketing related topics that worth writing about could be so vast that it becomes easy to lose among them. Check out this post and make the right choice!

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