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New Topic Ideas for a Research Paper on Finance
Research Paper on Finance

New Topic Ideas for a Research Paper on Finance

Sep 23, 2012
Finance, as an academic subject, assesses the manner in which individuals, enterprises, companies and corporates raise, invest and spend their money. It also examines how these companies or individuals should handle their money to boost the value from their investments and expenditure. Having said that, it is a must mentioning here that Finance is one of the best subjects for research. If you are interested in Finance, and are looking for some intriguing research topics, then this is undoubtedly the best page to be on the web. Read on to find some very interesting research paper topics on Finance:
  1. What Causes Recurring Financial Crisis?

    With intermittent economic meltdowns occurring all over the world, there could not be a more interesting research topic than this on Finance, especially as experts are still trying to find an answer to this question.
  2. Competition in IPO Underwriting

    Once again a very interesting research topic, as it is very relevant to the present times. This research paper should ideally focus on a time series analysis, and should discuss how IPO's have increased considerably in the recent years, and how they have also added to the risk of the investors. It should also discuss how the IPO underwriting arena has become very competitive with the ingress of new enterprises and firms during the hot markets.
  3. Is Delegating Bank Regulation to the Market Forces Worth It?

    Increased dependence on the market forces can assuage the moral risks and associated problems in government sponsored finance and insurance. Within the present regulatory and institutional structure, it would not be wrong to say that regulations are simply not effective in lowering bank risk. This research paper answers how and why...
  4. Herd Behavior of Markets and Companies: An Insight

    As the title suggests, this research paper discusses why simply all the markets act on cues from other markets and hence follow a herd behavior. Needless to mention, herd behavior is innate in many companies as well, creating a chain reaction of sorts. This research paper discusses this and much more...
  5. Finance Market Regulation

    What should be the role of regulation in financial markets? What are the implications of financial regulation? This research paper also answers what should be the effect of legislation on financial markets, and that's not all as this research paper discusses and answers many more related questions...
  6. Advantages of Global Diversification and Who Benefits From It?

    Globally diversified portfolios perform much better than their domestic-only counterparts; there is no two ways about it. So what is it that makes a global portfolio earn better. What are the other less known advantages of global diversification and who makes the most of it? This research paper answers all the associated questions.
  7. Factors Impacting Loan Pricing

    A number of factors impact commercial loan pricing, and this research topic is very relevant to the current times, and hence inadvertently attract the interest of quite a few students as well as academicians.
  8. How to Evaluate the Capital Structure of a Company?

    The best way to evaluate any company's balance sheet is by assessing and analyzing its working capital adequacy, asset performance and capital framework. This research paper aims at evaluating the strength of a balance sheet through professional evaluation of its capital structure.
  9. Factors that Drive Movement in Exchange Rates

    This research paper draws on macroeconomic as well as micro based exchange models to determine on the factors that impact the fluctuations and movements in the exchange market. The focus of this research paper is on emphasizing on the recent advances in our comprehension of this field as well as ascertaining alternative approaches that can be of use in future research.
  10. What Causes Financial System Meltdowns in the Western World?

    This is a vast topic and should be attempted by students only if they have ample time to indulge in a thorough research. As the topic suggests, it should cover all major western countries and discuss the cases of economic meltdowns in these countries.
  11. The Evolution of the Subprime Mortgage Market

    This research paper throws light on the subprime-lending scenario in the mortgage market. It also discusses how the mortgage market has evolved through time.
  12. How are Economics and Finance Entwined?

    Economics and Finance, as academic subjects, are intertwined. In fact, many subject experts consider finance as a sub-field of economics, especially when they are talking about intertemporal or portfolio decisions. This research paper attempts to examine the developments in the two fields and how they are interrelated.
  13. Investor Risk Preferences and Tolerance

    This research paper attempts to find if variables such as gender, age, occupation and marital status make a difference in investor risk preferences and tolerance levels. This research paper also examines variables such as income, race, employment and education, and if these factors impact the risk tolerance level and preferences of individuals.
  14. Principals of Corporate Finance

    This research paper focuses on the theory and practice of corporate finance, with special emphasis on the financial environment.
  15. External Financing

    This research paper helps the readers with an insight into external financing, with special emphasis on its advantages and disadvantages. It also discusses the legal detriments in its way and why it can be sometimes extremely costly.
  16. Lines of Credit in Small Firm Finance

    As the title suggests, this research paper discusses the significance of relationship lending in the finance of small enterprises and firms. The paper studies and analyses price and non-price terms of LOCs (Line of Credits) of banks are extended to enterprises of smaller size.
As you would have understood from the above-mentioned research paper topics, research on Finance can be quite challenging, especially as it demands emphasis on a specialized arena, element or dynamics.
However, if you keep a few simple things in mind, then you can surely come up with an inspiring research paper. Just try and determine on a topic that you already know enough about; alternately, you can also determine on a topic that you have a lot of relevant research material on. You should also be confident in getting help from your tutor or professor on the chosen topic. It helps to understand that research papers are different from essays, and need to have something new or novel in it to impress your readers, and hence you should be prepared to indulge in some critical thinking before putting your arguments or ideas on paper. Once you take care of these things, you are very likely to come up with an interesting research topic as well as paper.
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