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writing techniques

Writing techniques are commonly used by the students. For some people writing is a hobby, for others it is the most difficult task they should perform. Writing any type of academic paper requires following the structure of the paper and the rules of the citation style. If you are to write an essay, you can use any of these writing techniques: DRAPES, PEAL, Schaffer, Fire, etc. If you have a topic and good material to support your ideas, it is always a plus to use writing techniques. It would only add some good touches to your writing.

Essay Writing Techniques: Choose the Best One

Sep 07, 2013  - Posted to  Essay Writing
Don't hesitate to study all possible essay writing techniques. The more you know and can apply, the better and various your works will be. You should spend enough time on writing and researching. You simply can't submit the paper without proper referencing and formatting, otherwise you would end up with a lower grade than expected.

What makes a piece of writing interesting to readers of all ages?

Aug 28, 2013  - Posted to  Writing in General
Traditionally books, essays, and other forms of writing are usually separated by age-for example, the sections you'll find set up in bookstores or the local library, are usually categorized into children, young adult, and adult sections. And likewise most publications and websites (with essays, blogs articles, or other interesting reads) are either targeted towards one of the three.

Top 10 Academic Writing Tips for Students from High Schools and Colleges

Jun 19, 2013  - Posted to  Writing in General
Being a student is definitely interesting but at the same time stressful. You are to complete tons of academic papers on a weekly basis. Reading or writing is not your hobby? Learn how to plan your work, maximize your efforts and use time efficiently. Getting ready with a paper for the class is always in top priority since good grades would guarantee better chances to get a good profession and future career.
An In-depth Look at Adverbs

An In-depth Look at Adverbs

May 01, 2013  - Posted to  Writing in General
Have you practiced enough to write papers without grammar mistakes? Are you ready to spend more time on learning? You should, and start today. Read the article to learn the main rules of adverbs' usage. You should not limit yourself to automatic checkers, instead you should be 100% aware of your capabilities and use your skills to the fullest. Read the rules again and again, learn the most problematic parts by heart and practice more.
Tips for Short Story Writers

11 Tips for Short Story Writers

Feb 21, 2013  - Posted to  Writing in General
You should always keep improving your writing skills if you aim on getting only good results. Every paper is a unique assignment and you need time and good knowledge to complete each one successfully. You should learn all the structures and styles, practice writing on different topics and master editing skills. You should try to be free from boring topics and insist on choosing titles on your own since it would guarantee your interest to the work.
Using Tables and Figures

Rules for Using Tables and Figures

Feb 18, 2013  - Posted to  Research Paper Writing
You already know that tables and figures are of great importance for any research paper. Any paper would look more professional if you use a diagram, a graph, a table, a map, etc. Every result section should have figures to show the findings. Still creating good tables is not as easy as you may think. Only hard work, constant practice and good skills can guarantee better tables in your papers.
Socratic method in your paper

Socratic method: writing tips for any student

Jan 16, 2013  - Posted to  Writing in General
Using Socratic method for your paper on Law would make the whole process much easier. You should always learn different techniques, methods and styles. The more you know and can do, the better papers you would write for your studying.
best type of essay writing

What is the best type of essay writing

Jan 14, 2013  - Posted to  Essay Writing
Determining on an apt essay writing method can help writers organize their ideas and arguments. Narration, Classification, Definition, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast and Example are some of the most popular essay writing types. Read on to find what is the best type of writing for you...
DRAPES to elaborate in writing

Using D.R.A.P.E.S. to elaborate in writing

Dec 15, 2012  - Posted to  Essay Writing
Essay writing using different techniques can ease the task and help to save time. Learn the main techniques and choose the one that suites you the most. You can use DRAPES, PEAL or any other commonly used technique. Practice and writing plan will help to succeed in writing the essays for your needs.
Essay writing technique

Essay writing technique: example of PEAL paragraph

Nov 12, 2012  - Posted to  Essay Writing
DRAPES is no longer an unknown word for you? Do you know how many essay writing techniques exist? You should know all the methods to write your essay in a good manner. Read on to find out how to use PEAL affectively in your writing.
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