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Writing style is unique for every person but if we talk about writing style of specific types of workm, there accepted standards that the writer should follow. Each type of writing works including essays, articles, reports, etc. requires you to keep up with formal language and structure. Desire to investigate on the stated problems, analyse tons of information and come up with unique ideas and conclusions would make anyone a successful writer with a great writing style. Some are inspired to write, others take it as a duty.To make words flow easily the student or the writer should read a lot, participate in different clubs, on-line scientific groups.

Referencing Styles: Find Your Own Way to Learn the Rules of All Styles

Jun 11, 2013
Referencing styles are rather frustrating for any student. Citing a book is done in different ways and can confuse anyone. No time to relax, you should keep mastering your writing skills. An academic paper should be polished and cohesive to bring you good results and it can't be achieved if you lack knowledge in citation styles usage. Read on to come with a plan of improving your skills.
Article critique writing style

Article critique - what should be the writing style and why

Apr 26, 2013
Article critique writing can be even entertaining if you enjoy writing in general. Academic writing is not as easy as it may look like, still it all depends on the requirements. Learn the instructions in details: plan your future work not to waste time. You have to know what should be done in the article critique. Check the writing manual since loosing some of the important parts may cause a lower grade.
citation style, used in a thesis

What citation style should be used in a thesis?

Aug 28, 2012
The type of citation style used in a thesis paper depends on your institutional or organizational requirement. A single citation method should be used throughout the thesis.
Academic Writing Styles

Important academic writing styles: A brief

Aug 16, 2012
There are different types of academic writing styles, and the writer needs to decide on a type depending on the journal or publication they are aiming at. This article is a humble attempt to help the reader with a brief on important academic writing styles.
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