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Writing skills are gained with knowledge and practice. Good research and reliable material would mean nothing if you can not create an interesting content with required format and style. In order to be a good writer you should not only expand your knowledge in your field of study but also improve writing skills. Red different journals and publications, review different blogs and forums. Follow interesting writers on Twitter and Facebook to see their recent works. The more you read and write yourself, the better skills you would have.

Punctuation Challenges, Part 2

Aug 14, 2013
Grammar and punctuation mistakes will definitely cause a lower grade. What should you do to avoid it? How to secure yourself from failing a paper? Editing and proofreading should be a part of your writing routine. You need to understand the rules and know how to apply them correctly.
essay writing skills

5 tips to improve your essay writing skills

Mar 08, 2013
Essay writing is a rather interesting activity. Essay is a common task for any student and definitely one of the easiest. You can apply available techniques or create your own style. What you should not do is to relax and treat it as a useless activity. You should always stay focused, be ready to select an interesting topic and conduct a research of relevant sources.
Writing Transitions

Writing Transitions

Nov 17, 2012
So many days and nights spent on researching, selecting relevant sources on the topic. If you are lost and don't know how to start writing a paper, it's the right time to stop, relax a bit and start brainstorming. Take time for reading your paper, make sure that it is flawless and interesting.
Active Versus Passive Voice

Say It Like You Mean It: Active Versus Passive Voice

Nov 15, 2012
Writing requires your attention to details and good command of English. Even if you are good in searching for relevant material, putting your thought in a right order, you still need to be able to proofread your work, eliminate any mistakes found, and fix the format and style.
Writing Mistakes to Avoid

The Six Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Nov 08, 2012
In order to get a good grad for your paper it should be written on topic, formatted and have no mistakes. Don't think it's that simple. Writing without mistakes is a challenge and you should definitely proofread your work before submission.
Internet Research, Find Sources

How to Do Internet Research and Find Sources to Use

Nov 03, 2012
If you are tasked to conduct a research and write a paper using outside sources, you will most likely start surfing the Internet. You will see many sites with relevant information and you need to select reliable ones. Learn how to evaluate the sources found and make the right choice.
Common Errors, Sentence Construction

Common Errors in Sentence Construction

Nov 01, 2012
Writing academic papers needs your attention and good command of English. You should write using correct structure, punctuation and style. Always proofread your work when you are done to eliminate any mistakes.
Plagiarism, How to Avoid It

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It

Oct 13, 2012
Plagiarism is copying somebody's words and ideas without acknowledging the author. Whenever you borrow any ideas or use somebody's research as a source in your academic paper, make sure to cite the source in your reference page. If you get caught plagiarizing in your paper, your will get a low grade or suffer from a more serious consequences.
use computer as aid to your writing

How to use your computer as aid to your writing

Oct 08, 2012
There is no two ways about the fact that computer is a mighty writing tool; however, one must know how to use a computer to write effectively and efficiently.
Tables and Illustrations in Coursework

When and How to Use Numbers, Tables and Illustrations in Coursework

Sep 28, 2012
Some subjects such as Language and Literature require the writer to convey thoughts and ideas using words alone. However, majority of the subjects demand that you present your arguments in a combination of words, numbers, tables and illustrations. This article will help you with how you can use number, tables and illustrations in your coursework.
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