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research proposal

Research proposal writing is a complex assignment. Get ready to perform different activities including researching for a unique topic on your subject, getting relevant and reliable sources to base the research proposal on, drafting the work following the required structure, citing the referencing using the assigned style. You can start with brainstorming and the more educated people you invite to help you, the better topic you would come up with. Don't be afraid to ask for advice: you would save time and get fresh ideas for your research proposal.

Research proposal difficulties: Why your proposal might get rejected

Jul 17, 2013
The research proposal is like a sales pitch in the academic world. It is the way to explain what it is you intend to do and to ask for funding to do it. If you don't have the backing of an institution, or the funds to get your research underway, your project will not be undertaken. It is important therefore, to write it correctly and to have it accepted. There are things that need to be included for it to be accepted and those which must be avoided.
Academic Research Proposal

What is the Difference Between an Academic Research Proposal and a Project Proposal

Dec 27, 2012
An academic research proposal is very similar to a project, there is no two ways about it; however, there is a thin line that demarcates between a research proposal and a research proposal. This article is a humble attempt to help readers with the differences.
Write a Research Proposal

How to Write a Research Proposal

Dec 25, 2012
Research proposal writing takes time and all of your knowledge to succeed. You should start with planning and strictly keep to the plan to avoid wasting any of your time. Try to find as many relevant sources for your proposal as possible.
writing a research proposal

First time writing a research proposal: what to start with

Oct 24, 2012
Writing a research proposal will definitely require a lot of time ad effort. Don't confuse a research proposal with a scientific report since they a similar structure. Learn the peculiarities of research proposal writing and follow those precisely.
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