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multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions might be confusing if you lack enough knowledge on the subject. First you should clearly understand what is meant by multiple choice questions. You will get a list of questions and each question would have 4 possible answers. You should select one answer and the more correct answers you choose, the higher score you would get. Guessing might not work with multiple choice questions so better get prepared for the task in advance.
Multiple Choice Questions Help

Multiple Choice Questions: Knowing or Guessing the Answer?

May 28, 2013
Taking online or in-class tests can be very stressful. You should know the material well and work well under time pressure. Guessing might work one time, but the more tests you take with little knowledge, the more of them you could fail. You should follow the topics, read a lot and practice taking tests. Always answer the questions after each chapter reviewed in the class to make sure you learned the material.
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