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literature review

Literature review is a simple writing task if you know the main requirements. Writing an essay and a literature review are two different tasks even though both require writing skills. Any research should be done using relevant sources to support your ideas and the topic selected. You can not use any statistics and facts without using reliable sources. You should always add a literature review in such assignments as dissertation, thesis, research proposals. You need to add what sources you will use for the paper and present it in a form of a literature review.
Researching for a Literature Review

Researching for a Literature Review

May 10, 2013
Academic writing can't be done without researching for a good topic, relevant sources unique ideas. You should find time to get material you could use for your paper. If you think that Internet is your savior you should think twice. Each tutor or paper has specific requirements and you should find out what is accepted as a reliable source. Not every site related to the topic can be included in the paper. Try to create a plan where you schedule each step and save enough time for each stage of writing.
Literature review chapter writing

Literature review chapter writing - how to format it and what should be the order of the sources used

Apr 22, 2013
Literature review chapter is a rather important part of any dissertation. Finding the relevant sources is always a challenge and you need enough time to succeed. Start with your library and then move to on-line data-bases. You should select only reliable sources (books, journals, etc.) and those relevant to the research topic. Don't limit your research, you can come up with some interesting material where you could not even expect to find.
Analyzing Literature

Analyzing Literature

Apr 20, 2013
Reading is an essential part of academic writing and studying in general. You should read a lot to stay updated. Analyzing literature is always required to present your research and support the ideas. You should learn how to find good sources and analyze them in your paper or for its writing. You have to understand how to select the relevant material for your writing. Follow the requirements for each assignment you get and make sure to follow all of those.
writing the literature review of a thesis

What is the correct procedure for writing the literature review of a thesis?

Feb 13, 2013
If you need to write a literature review, you need to get ready to hard work. First step would be evaluation of selected sources relevant to the assigned topic. Literature review can be part of a dissertation as well as be present in a research paper or scientific report. Still it is an essential part of any thesis or dissertation and it usually takes several months for the student to complete such work. Students definitely improve their skills and knowledge through writing the literature review.
Dissertation on Shakespeare

Dissertation on Shakespeare: literature review chapter writing tips

Dec 05, 2012
Dissertation writing will take all your time, so get ready for hard work. If you plan to conduct your research on Shakespeare, you will definitely enjoy the process. Start with a writing plan and follow each step evaluating the time spent. Try to finish the writing before the submission date to have enough time for formatting, proofreading and editing.
Literature Review Help

Literature Review Help: How to Present Your Sources

Nov 19, 2012
Any academic paper, if done using sources, requires a literature page, e.g. Bibliography, Reference page, Works cited. If you are to conduct a research, you will definitely use relevant sources to support your ideas and findings. Make sure you cite the sources used to guarantee the originality of your work and avoid plagiarism issue.
Write a Literature Review, Dissertation Chapter

How to Write a Literature Review as your Dissertation Chapter

Oct 13, 2012
Literature review is an important chapter of every dissertation. Besides adding sources to a reference list, literature review chapter should give a short review of every source used in the research and mention its importance for the results of conducted research. Pay attention to the format and correct citing and take time for editing once you are done writing the chapter.
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