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English as a language is the mostly spoken worldwide and as a subject is rather difficult. As any other language learning English requires time and good memory. You should learn a lot of aspects - grammar, orthography, punctuation, etc. Use handbooks of the leading authors to master your skills. Read books in English to broaden your vocabulary. Writing academic papers on English is not an easy task. You should not only cover the chosen topic, but present the text without a single mistake or you wold loose marks or get a lower grade.
Interesting Topic For English Class

How To Come Up With An Interesting Topic For English Class

May 29, 2013
You won't be able to make it through college without taking, at a minimum, one English class. English is not only about reading literature, it is about writing as well. Many English classes will require that you write essays, or stories, to display what you have learned to the professor. Finding a topic to show off your mastery of what you have learned is not always an easy task. There are some guidelines that can help you to find a topic that will show off your skills and impress your professor.
Writing in English

What's in A Verb?

Apr 04, 2013
Writing in English cannot be always easy. Different parts of language might be confusing as well. You should have enough practice to write without a single mistake and it takes time. Writing your first essay will be a disaster. You are not that aware of the structure, format and style. Proofreading is a mist in order to eliminate any mistakes in spelling, punctuation and verbs usage.
Writing an English Paper

Resources to Use When Writing an English Paper

Mar 27, 2013
Writing an English paper like any other type of academic assignment can not be done without suing sources. You have to be well prepared not to waste time. Getting the right topic is probably the most important part. You need to make sure that your tutor and audience would enjoy reading or listening to your work, otherwise you might end up with a low grade. Good sources can help you to impress the readers.
Literary Devices

Literary Devices, Pt. II

Dec 26, 2012
Any subject has a set of terms and rules to follow. Writing academic papers is a challenging task and you should create your own style to succeed with your papers. Learn how to choose your words correctly and present your ideas effectively in your works.
Literary Devices

Literary Devices, Pt. I

Dec 24, 2012
English in general has its own vocabulary of terms. Using all the grammar rules correctly is a great advantage to any student. Learn the vocabulary and start commutating effectively with your team mates.
Essay help, 5-paragraph essay

Essay help: 5-paragraph essay for an English class

Nov 12, 2012
If you are stuck with essay writing task, it's the right time to brainstorm. Do arrange your time efficiently not to waste it. Learn most common essay writing techniques and select the best one for your writing.
English matters

English matters

Sep 15, 2012
Indisputable fact that English is one of the most widely spoken and written language in the world. It is studied as a foreign language worldwide and is the mothertongue of the Internet. It is a real lingua franca not only in science and educational sphere but throughout business world. So it's educational and economical value can't be overestimated.
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