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Editing help can save your paper and your grade. You can be a good teller but a bad writer. You might even create interesting essays but without editing help they would be hard to read and follow. You always try to find only unique ideas to present in your paper and as a rule you start with choosing a topic. An interesting topic can secure a good grade and interest to your writing, while a boring one can do right the opposite. As soon as you are done with your essay or research, proofread it many times and ask for editing help if you are still not comfortable with your own writing.

Editing a Paper with Direct Quotes: Things You Should Remember

Nov 25, 2013
Editing is as important as writing itself. If you submit the paper once you finish it, you will most likely fail due to mistakes in grammar, punctuation, etc. So make sure to save enough time for editing to guarantee only good outcome.

How many times you should read your completed paper to guarantee it was properly proofread

Jul 31, 2013
Anytime you hand in an assignment in an academic setting the work that you hand in tells something about who you are and what you are capable of. If you hand in something that is sloppy, or has grammatical errors, you are showing the instructor that you don't care.

Managing your time to proofread your paper before submission

Jul 25, 2013
Time management is something that does not come naturally. For many college students, it can be one of the most challenging aspects of their academic career. With so many demands being made upon your time, it is hard to plan ahead and get everything done during the time allotted. Making sure to not wait until the last minute to complete your assignments will insure that you not only complete it but have enough time to make corrections when necessary.
Edit Someone Else’s Rough Draft

How to Edit Someone Else's Rough Draft

May 15, 2013
How many times have your friend asked for your help? Do you know how to edit somebody else's rough draft? Have you done it at least once and was it successful? Editing is not very entertaining, but your help would be very appreciated. You should be ready and know what to start with. It can even help you to master your skills and get more practice needed to succeed in studying. It is not hard to criticize somebody's work, but improving it can be a challenge.
Reverse Outlines

Reverse Outlines

Feb 15, 2013
Editing and revising your paper is a hard task and definitely takes time. You need to pay attention to the structure of the work and all the necessary parts. You should check the sentences parts and pay attention to the verbs and their correct usage. Your work should be flawless and logically formatted. You should not just from on fact to another, the flow should be nice and easily comprehensible.
revise and edit an expository essay

What steps should a writer follow to revise and edit an expository essay prior to submission?

Feb 01, 2013
Writing expository essay is not a difficult task and making it perfect is a challenge. If you are to start the work, first select a topic. Search for all the relevant and reliable sources you could use in your work. You should plan your time to have enough for writing and editing. You can not submit the work without a thorough proofread. Take time to re-read your work, fix the format and references.
Common Editing Mistakes

Eight Common Editing Mistakes

Dec 18, 2012
Editing is an important phase of writing your academic paper. Read the style and grammar manuals and learn the general rules. You should rely only on your knowledge since automatic spell-checkers might not catch all the mistakes and can even mislead you.
Editing help, perfect essay

Editing help: how to make a perfect essay

Oct 18, 2012
Editing an essay can take time if you are lost in styles and format. There are different types of essays and each has specific aspects to be included in the text. You need to learn various citation styles to correctly edit quotes and references.
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