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Plagiarism is an act of copying other people's work and presenting it as your own. To avoid any similarity in your paper you should always cite the sources where you found the information from. When writing a paper you should use your own ideas, structure and format. If you use any material from outside sources, you should always mention them in the Reference page. Plagiarism detected in your work can greatly influence the grade and even cause disciplinary action taken against you.

Passing a dissertation: what stages you will go through after you finish writing your research work

Jul 08, 2013
So you finally completed the coursework necessary to earn your Doctoral degree only to find that you have one final challenge, some would argue the most challenging part of it, you have to write your dissertation. There are steps that you need to take to pass your dissertation and to earn your doctoral degree and begin down the path to the career you have been training for for a very long time.

Top 5 useful tips to remember when writing a dissertation structure

Jun 29, 2013
Perhaps one of the most overwhelming assignment for most people is the doctoral dissertation. It is a daunting task to write a dissertation and have it be the cornerstone of years of education, and the determining factor of whether you receive your degree or not. The hardest part of writing the dissertation sometimes is just getting started on it. By developing the structure to base it on, you are giving yourself an outline to follow and stay on task.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Difficulties: What You Should Be Ready For

Jun 07, 2013
Writing a dissertation proposal is a challenge. No matter how confident you are, you might get stressed out working on such a task. Writing by the plan can ease the task for anyone. If time management is still not your strongest skill, create a working plan. You should divide your time based on writing stages in order to cover all the instructions and prepare a good paper.
Dissertation is complete

Dissertation is complete, what next?

Apr 10, 2013
Final stage of the studying - what is it? Have you though you'd reach that far? So many days and nights have passed, so many papers have been written. And it is still not over. So what happens when you complete the dissertation. The next step and it is not less important is the defense. You should present your research in front of the examination board, answer their questions with relevant information and get the mark you deserve.
Dissertation writing, connect chapters

Dissertation writing: how to logically connect all chapters

Mar 24, 2013
Dissertation is a rather serious academic paper and definitely not a common task. Any student willing to get a degree will have to write a dissertation at least once proving his research work. The most challenging part would be the logical connection of all chapters. You should know well what chapters should be present, learn their structure and requirements. Make sure not to mix chapters and complete each following the instructions.
Dissertation writing

Dissertation writing as the final stage of your studying

Mar 22, 2013
Dissertation writing is not a common task for students though should be completed at least once. You should take it seriously since the requirements are rather difficult. Dissertation is basically a set of chapters including analysis, methodology and literature review. You can use only reliable sources and those relevant to your research topic. Proofreading and formatting are definitely among major tasks to successfully complete a dissertation.
Dissertation proposal help

Dissertation proposal help: how to build your proposal

Mar 15, 2013
Dissertation proposal is an important type of work and should be done using only relevant sources. You need to find a unique question for research. You have to learn what the dissertation proposal is and what it is not. You should avoid making any mistakes in the structure, format and style. Once you are done, pay attention to editing and proofreading since mistakes in such an important paper can definitely influence the outcome.
academic sources for a dissertation

Reliable academic sources for a dissertation: how to start the research and where to search

Jan 18, 2013
If you are to conduct a research or analysis, you should find the sources of data for your work. You should use only relevant material and officially approved sources. First find all the publications you could use, then select only those that support the research or provide fresh and unique ideas.
Dissertation on Shakespeare

Dissertation on Shakespeare: literature review chapter writing tips

Dec 05, 2012
Dissertation writing will take all your time, so get ready for hard work. If you plan to conduct your research on Shakespeare, you will definitely enjoy the process. Start with a writing plan and follow each step evaluating the time spent. Try to finish the writing before the submission date to have enough time for formatting, proofreading and editing.
Dissertation proposal help

Dissertation proposal help: finding an interesting topic

Nov 06, 2012
Writing a dissertation proposal requires close attention to details. You should browse through the web, printed material, past dissertation to be inspired for your work. Choose the topic you are eager to research about. Take time searching for relevant sources to support your ideas and prove your point.
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