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common mistakes

Common mistakes imply to grammar, style, reference, citations, etc. Good knowledge is not a basis for an interesting article or essay. Writing stile, nice format, interesting fact, that's what makes the reader fall over the text. Common mistakes with sentence structure, verbs usage, punctuation marks can spoil impression from reading and even change the meaning. Avoid making mistakes by reviewing and editing your written paper, follow style and grammar manuals. Prepare for writing before you actually start, have a good rest to keep your thoughts fresh and you'll avoid the most common mistakes in your writing.

Lab Report Format: 5 Common Mistakes

Sep 29, 2013
Lab report is a common type of assignment to any student. Lab report has a specific format to be followed and it might look tricky at first. Academic papers are all different and you should easily define what format belongs to each type.

10 mistakes that can make you fail your book report

Jul 29, 2013
A book report is an assignment that you will undoubtedly have to complete at some point during your academic career. Structured in such a way, it is meant to convey to the instructor that you not only read the material, but you have a command of it. If you want to receive a good grade, there are 10 things that you must avoid when constructing it.

Top 10 mistakes that could cause a low grade for your term paper

Jul 01, 2013
Еhroughout your college career you will be asked to write an assortment of papers for just about every subject imaginable. Each paper will have it's own set of guidelines and rules to adhere to. If you want to receive the highest grade possible, it is important to understand the assignment and to follow the instructions that are laid out for it.
Critique Writing, Common Mistakes to Avoid

Critique Writing - Common Mistakes to Avoid

Jun 01, 2013
Writing different types of academic writing is a common task for all students. Time matters when you get a new task. Start working immediately. Otherwise you might end up with a low-quality paper. Critique should be done following the structure and other requirements. Don't hesitate to check the writing manual or useful tips not to go off the trace.
Common Pronoun Usage Errors

Common Pronoun Usage Errors

Apr 27, 2013
English is not the hardest language in the world but still can be confusing. Academic papers should follow the accepted standards. Grammar is full of different rules and anyone can make mistakes. Good we have spell checkers and grammar checkers. Still you can't use those at exams or other situations. You should learn all parts of the speech and know how and when to use those correctly. Read on to find out how to use pronouns in your papers. The more practice you have, the better papers you would right.
Essay writing help

Essay writing help: common mistakes to avoid

Mar 21, 2013
Essay writing is fun. Just make it your hobby and select only interesting topics and it will definitely become an interesting task for you. You should not waste time thinking that it is easy. Only when you become an expert in essay writing with strong writing skills and good knowledge, you can rest assured to get great results. You should always keep mastering your skills to get the task done without any essay writing help.
In-text citations, mistakes to avoid

In-text citations: mistakes to avoid

Jan 22, 2013
No research or analysis can be conducted without using outside sources. Some types of assignments and referencing styles require in-text citations. You should know the requirements for your assignment so don't waste time and study the task description as soon as you get it. Find only relevant and reliable sources to support your ideas and help to carry out the research. Don't forget to mention all the used sources at the end of the paper and format it according to the citation style.
using idioms for your papers

Common grammar mistakes in using idioms for your papers

Jan 19, 2013
Even if your English is rather good, you need to pay close attention to your writing. You should learn all the grammar rules and follow all of them in your works. Even few mistakes can influence your grade.
mistakes to avoid in a thesis statement

What mistakes to avoid in a thesis statement

Jan 17, 2013
Nobody can write academic papers without any mistakes. Some are weak with grammar, others get lost with referencing styles, etc. To avoid the mistakes you need to: draft the work, proofread it several times, edit the referencing and format the paper up to the structure.
Common Editing Mistakes

Eight Common Editing Mistakes

Dec 18, 2012
Editing is an important phase of writing your academic paper. Read the style and grammar manuals and learn the general rules. You should rely only on your knowledge since automatic spell-checkers might not catch all the mistakes and can even mislead you.
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