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Blog on Academic Writing - Tags - citation style

Title Page Formatting with Different Styles

Jun 02, 2013

Title page should be always formatted according to the style requirements. If you are to use MLA style, you paper won't need a title page, still other styles would need one. You should know the different styles or be able to find the writing guidelines at the right moment. Formatting and proofreading are a must if you aim at getting better grades.

References, citation

Getting Your References Right

Apr 28, 2013

References are vital for academic papers like research papers, dissertations, theses, etc. The first thing you should learn is how to select the required sources. The main mistakes students commit is using any web-site as a source in their papers. You should clarify with the tutor what sources are allowed for the specific assignment. Some might need only books, others can include web-sites, journals, etc. If you are free to select any sources relevant to your topic, you will definitely have a great choice.

How do you cite a movie quote

How do you cite a movie quote

Feb 27, 2013

Citing a quote from a movie is not that simple. You can use any of the available methods: There are actually a few different methods. It would depend whether you want to add an in-text citation or just mention a movie as a source. If you go for in-text citations, you will use a parenthetical method. Check Chicago style manual before you do it since it covers footnotes and endnotes usage.

Style: APA

Everything You Need to Know About Style: APA

Feb 05, 2013

Writing academic papers can not be done without using any of the referencing styles. Each style is unique and used for specific types of works or subjects. APA is definitely among one of the most commonly used styles and still one of the easiest. In order to succeed you should follow the plan: read the manual, review the samples and practice using it without any mistakes.

Style: CSE

Everything You Need to Know About Style: CSE

Feb 02, 2013

CSE is just one of commonly known referencing styles and should not bother you much. You should already know all the possible referencing styles and if you write academic papers on science, you will most likely use CSE. Stick to your working plan: find a good manual and study it all. You should learn how to cite different types of sources using this style and make sure not to commit any mistakes.

In-text citations, mistakes to avoid

In-text citations: mistakes to avoid

Jan 22, 2013

No research or analysis can be conducted without using outside sources. Some types of assignments and referencing styles require in-text citations. You should know the requirements for your assignment so don't waste time and study the task description as soon as you get it. Find only relevant and reliable sources to support your ideas and help to carry out the research. Don't forget to mention all the used sources at the end of the paper and format it according to the citation style.

use MLA style manual

MLA format: easy-to-use MLA style manual

Jan 14, 2013

MLA is a commonly used style for referencing academic papers. You should learn the differences between MLA, APA, Oxford, and others. Each style has a set of rules and you should practice using all of them to apply in writing your own assignments.

Advantages, disadvantages of APA, MLA style

Advantages and disadvantages of APA and MLA style

Dec 10, 2012

Citations are a must in your paper, if you use any sources for the research. Learn all the citation styles to be ready use any of the required. APA and MLA are definitely among the most popular styles and you'd better learn the differences and practice using both.

APA and MLA formats

The importance of using APA and MLA formats

Nov 14, 2012

Writing academic papers is a challenge even for a good student. Each task differs from the rest and if you succeed with one paper, you can fail with the next one if you are not aware of the citation style rules. Learn the importance of using APA and MLA in your papers.

Research paper help

Research paper help: using in-text citations and direct quotes

Nov 13, 2012

So many stressed nights with research paper writing and you are still confused with all the styles? Whether you have a specific style to use or you are free to select your favorite, you should be aware of the possible styles and know how to use them correctly. Read on to find or how to add quotes and use in-text citations in your papers.

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