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Chicago style is used for citing and formatting academic papers. This style has two basic documentation systems: 1) bibliography and notes, 2) the author-date. First one is commonly used for papers on Literature, History and Arts, while the second is preferred for work on Physical, Natural and Social sciences. Check available manuals on Chicago style to perfectly edit your essays, research papers, dissertations and others. Pay close attention to details when citing your paper with Chicago style to avoid any mistake that could influence the grade or general impression from your writing.

Title Page Formatting with Different Styles

Jun 02, 2013
Title page should be always formatted according to the style requirements. If you are to use MLA style, you paper won't need a title page, still other styles would need one. You should know the different styles or be able to find the writing guidelines at the right moment. Formatting and proofreading are a must if you aim at getting better grades.
Style: Chicago

Everything You Need to Know About Style: Chicago

Feb 05, 2013
Don't stress out when you are tasked to complete an unknown type of paper or use a new referencing style. Chicago, like any other style can be used for academic papers writing. You can find Chicago manual on line accessible for free. Don't hesitate to review different manuals and check samples of papers done using this style. Learn all aspects of it and try using it for your paper. When done, proofread the work and compare the format and citations with the style rules.
Academic Paper, Citation Styles

Citation Styles for Academic Papers, Pt. 1

Oct 02, 2012
Citation styles are a must in academic papers writing. You should follow specific style requirements for citing and formatting your paper. Follow the main rules and pay attention to details when adding references to the bibliography page.
cite different sources, Law research paper

How to cite different sources in a Law research paper

Oct 01, 2012
Law research papers should be correctly cited. Different citation styles can be used for citing sources in a Law research paper. Read citing manuals to correctly cite your research papers.
Formatting a case study, different citation styles

Formatting a case study using different citation styles

Sep 01, 2012
Citation style preferred in a case study can be APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago. Check with your paper requirements for the exact instructions. Review style guidelines to correctly place sources on a Bibliography page.
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