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article writing

Article writing takes time but can be entertaining. Choose the topic you are mostly interested in and you will definitely enjoy the writing process. Article writing is quite different from academic papers writing. What you need is to search for a good topic, relevant sources to support your ideas and interesting facts related to your research. You need to focus on your work, follow the plan and review the material once you are done with article writing.

Article Writing: 5 General Steps

Aug 26, 2013
Article writing is a rather entertaining activity. Find a topic you are interested in and half of the task is done. If you are motivated to write an article, you will spend enough time to get some amazing facts and intriguing ideas to satisfy your readers.
Article critique writing style

Article critique - what should be the writing style and why

Apr 26, 2013
Article critique writing can be even entertaining if you enjoy writing in general. Academic writing is not as easy as it may look like, still it all depends on the requirements. Learn the instructions in details: plan your future work not to waste time. You have to know what should be done in the article critique. Check the writing manual since loosing some of the important parts may cause a lower grade.
Article vs academic paper writing

Article vs academic paper writing: how not to sound boring in your article

Feb 26, 2013
Writing academic papers is not an easy task. Students get bored with same types of assignments, repeated topics. The more freedom and topic choice a student gets, the better paper he would write. He will conduct a thorough research, find relevant sources, draft a paper and take time on formatting and editing. Some students still find it hard to use different citation styles and follow specific structures, but with good practice he would definitely get better grades.
Writing an article, college paper

Writing an article for a college paper

Feb 23, 2013
Writing articles for a college paper is an interesting assignment and you should stay creative to succeed. As you know, journal articles are usually of not more than 2 pages and addressed to a specific audience. The best option is to get a free choice of the topic to write about. You can conduct some interviews to find out what interests your targeted audience the most. Some journals are interested to teachers, professors, like Journal of Abnormal Psychology and The American Journal of Education.
interesting article writing

Article writing: how to make your work interesting

Feb 03, 2013
If you have passion for article writing, you should use it. You have to improve your writing skills and learn how to grab attention of the readers. You should write about something you care about to have personal motives to create an interesting article. If you find a good topic to write about or event to analyze, do your best to follow a required form, add unique ideas and impressive facts.
Article Review Writing

Article Review Writing: General Guidelines and Structure

Nov 07, 2012
It is obvious for any creative work to attract criticism or appreciation, and sometimes both; and it is no different in the field of writing. Criticism helps a writer to work on his areas of improvement, thus uplifting the school of thought that article reviews are play an important role in the literary world. An article review is a piece of writing that evaluates an article in many aspects while summarizing it.
Essay and article writing

Essay and article writing: what are the differences

Oct 23, 2012
Article and essay writing have similar structure and different aspects. Any writing piece should be logically structured, well researched and written. Find a good topic and you are guaranteed to get attention to your work.
Article writing: types of articles

Article writing: types of articles and writing techniques for each

Oct 04, 2012
Article writing is an interesting activity and may vary depending on the type of article needed. You can write an academic article, newspaper article, profession-related article and others. Each type has specific guidelines to follow so read on to learn them.
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