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APA style is commonly used for essay writing. Any citation styles including APA, MLA, Turabian and others have a pre-approved set of rules you should follow in your paper. Each style has a manual usually available online or in libraries. Make sure to learn the rules before you start using the style. Write some test essays and try to cite them and format up to the APA style. Consult style manual after the writing to correct any mistakes you made with quoting or citing. The more practice you get, the less mistakes you would make when using APA style in your essays.

Title Page Formatting with Different Styles

Jun 02, 2013
Title page should be always formatted according to the style requirements. If you are to use MLA style, you paper won't need a title page, still other styles would need one. You should know the different styles or be able to find the writing guidelines at the right moment. Formatting and proofreading are a must if you aim at getting better grades.
Style: APA

Everything You Need to Know About Style: APA

Feb 05, 2013
Writing academic papers can not be done without using any of the referencing styles. Each style is unique and used for specific types of works or subjects. APA is definitely among one of the most commonly used styles and still one of the easiest. In order to succeed you should follow the plan: read the manual, review the samples and practice using it without any mistakes.
American Psychological Association, APA

American Psychological Association or APA: facts you need to know

Jan 21, 2013
APA is commonly used in any college or university. When you should use APA as a part of the assignment, always ask for the edition that should be utilized. There are several editions and each adds some differencing to the general rules. You should follow the style guidelines precisely unless something different is stated by the tutor or lecturer. Make sure to read the manual and proofread your work to guarantee that all rules are followed.
write a structured abstract

How to write a structured abstract

Jan 21, 2013
First learn what an abstract is. Whether it is a part of a paper or a dissertation chapter, you should follow the required structure. You need to understand the main differences of structured abstract. Read the writing tips and see some good samples that you could use in your writing.
use MLA style manual

MLA format: easy-to-use MLA style manual

Jan 14, 2013
MLA is a commonly used style for referencing academic papers. You should learn the differences between MLA, APA, Oxford, and others. Each style has a set of rules and you should practice using all of them to apply in writing your own assignments.
Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography: required word count for each source and format to follow

Jan 03, 2013
Annotated bibliography can be either a part of the paper or a completed paper itself. You need to have the requirements for the assignment and follow the precisely including the word count and citation style. Add a short history of the source and its importance to the research or the topic assigned.
Advantages, disadvantages of APA, MLA style

Advantages and disadvantages of APA and MLA style

Dec 10, 2012
Citations are a must in your paper, if you use any sources for the research. Learn all the citation styles to be ready use any of the required. APA and MLA are definitely among the most popular styles and you'd better learn the differences and practice using both.
APA and MLA formats

The importance of using APA and MLA formats

Nov 14, 2012
Writing academic papers is a challenge even for a good student. Each task differs from the rest and if you succeed with one paper, you can fail with the next one if you are not aware of the citation style rules. Learn the importance of using APA and MLA in your papers.
Academic Paper, Citation Styles

Citation Styles for Academic Papers, Pt. 1

Oct 02, 2012
Citation styles are a must in academic papers writing. You should follow specific style requirements for citing and formatting your paper. Follow the main rules and pay attention to details when adding references to the bibliography page.
cite different sources, Law research paper

How to cite different sources in a Law research paper

Oct 01, 2012
Law research papers should be correctly cited. Different citation styles can be used for citing sources in a Law research paper. Read citing manuals to correctly cite your research papers.
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