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Tips on writing a research paper on Astronomy
research paper on astronomy

Tips on writing a research paper on Astronomy

Aug 19, 2012
Astronomy refers to the study of celestial bodies and how they work. This study is a scientific study that takes into consideration the physical, chemical, metrological and evolutionary aspects of celestial bodies. When writing a research paper on astronomy, it is important to follow the general rules on writing a research paper.
The following tips will help students of Astronomy write better research papers.

Research your topic

The first step for writing a research paper on Astronomy is doing proper research. This can be done by going to the nearest library. The best libraries are often University and College libraries. These types of libraries have wealth of information on almost any subject. The books to look out for are those that are written by authorities in the field of Astronomy. Depending on your academic requirements, it is always better to go for more recent publications. These are where to get more recent findings on any topic.

Write an outline

Make an outline of what you know about your topic. Write out all the strong points you can easily recollect. When you make your outline, it is good to bear in mind that a good outline will ensure that you don't deviate from your topic. Bear this in mind while making your outline.

Formulate a research question

With an outline firmly in place, it's time to formulate a research question. What are you arguing for? What do you know about your research? What are you setting out to prove? These points will help you formulate a research question. Do not go for arguments that are already watered down over time. Neither should you go for arguments that have been extensively covered. It is better to formulate your own unique research question. Make it clear from the outset what you are trying to accomplish. Leave no doubts in the minds of your readers as to your purpose.

Write the research paper

The compilation of data so far means you are ready to begin writing your research paper. The basic features of your Astronomy research paper are:
  • Title page: make sure your research paper has a distinct title page. The tile page carries the topic of the research paper, the name of the author or authors as the case maybe and your student registration number. The title of the research paper should be descriptive.
  • Abstract: the abstract comes next after the title page. An abstract is a brief summary of the paper. It tells the reader what the paper is about and what to expect from the research work. It should not be longer than a few sentences.
  • Introduction: the introduction should give a general overview of the research paper. It should introduce the research paper. It should explain to the reader what the paper is about.
  • Body: the body of the research paper is the "meat" of the research paper. This is the main part of the research and work you have done Include chapters and sections where possible. Subheading would also be good at this point and help the reader to easily follow your thoughts.
  • Conclusion: the conclusion leaves the opinion of the author on the topic. It can also carry recommendations if you have any. The aim is to leave your readers with your final thoughts.
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