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In order to understand what is a process essay, you have to know the definition of the word "process." A process is just a series of actions done to attain visible results at the end. The process essay or process analysis essay explains how something, e.g., a recipe, is done or how something occurs.

Writing a process essay will require the student to select a topic interesting to them.

Process essay calls for you to come up with clear steps that should be listed in chronological order. That will help the reader easily understand and follow the given directions or explained process. There are two different types of process essays.

  • Directional process - whereby a person can be informed of a process and perform it immediately, e.g., making a sandwich.
  • Operational/Explanatory/Informational process - whereby the steps can be explained without performing the process, e.g., a volcanic eruption.

The structure

Make sure to come up with a plan before writing the actual essay. There should be a purpose to writing the process essay. List the processes you may want to explain and arrange them in an easy to follow and clear sequence. Once you're done with your plan, you can move on to writing your first part/paragraph:

  1. Introduction - Identify and specify the reason for going through with the process, as well as the set of conditions it should be performed under. It should also include the thesis statement which will help the reader get acquainted with the topic and its purpose. Apart from that, the introduction should state the material and equipment you will need while performing the process. It should act as a hook providing the reader with the info on what the essay is about.
  2. Body - Explain the steps involved in performing the process clearly.
  3. Conclusion - Restate the introduction and the body.

Try to provide steps you want to explain in a chronological sequence. Avoid using the word "you" throughout the essay. Imperative statements can be used to give directions, for example: Put the eggs in the mixer and then turn it on for one minute. Use the words put, then, next, last when describing the steps.

The process essay explains stages in a sequence, which is why transitional words are to be used as well.

Outline for writing a good process essay

When deciding which would be a good topic for a process essay, simply go for the one you are well aware of. Your target audience has no idea how to do the process, so each step should be described in great detail to prevent them from making mistakes. The topic should not be overused as the readers may get bored and decide not to read it at all. Please, see below for a possible outline of your process essay:

  • Plan/Brainstorm.
  • Put the steps in order, e.g., step 1... step 2... step 3, etc.
  • Write a draft of the essay.
  • Edit the draft until you are content with it.
  • Write the final essay.

Always have your readers in mind when writing the essay.

Process essay topics for college students

Writing the process essay is not that difficult compared to other types of essays. The key word here is 'process,' which means that the student should be able to come up with a 100% informative essay that provides instructions in a step-by-step manner. There are numerous ways in which process essays can be written, but it all depends on the individual writing it and the target audience. Process essay topics ideas are quite easy to come up with if the students have an experience doing something and would like to share it with a certain audience.

If for some reason the students ran out of ideas, they can always visit and pick one of the good process essay topics examples, such as:

  1. How to survive your first year in college.
  2. How to apply for a scholarship.
  3. Developing a good relationship with your teacher and getting in their good graces.
  4. How to become friends with a college roommate.
  5. How to overcome stage fright before an upcoming presentation.
  6. Tying shoelaces without them becoming loose at all times.
  7. How to learn a foreign language.
  8. How to set up a Facebook account.
  9. How to launch a successful vlog.
  10. How to be a good writer.

Honestly, writing isn't for everyone, and if some students just do not have a talent for it, they can always count on our professional team of writing experts.

10 examples of funny process essay topics

When choosing a topic, make sure it is funny because people like to read things that make them laugh. Reading something funny can also lift your reader's spirits, especially if they had a terrible day. A hilarious essay will definitely help you earn good grades and make a lasting impression on your readers.

  1. How to protect yourself from bees.
  2. How to take a bath without water.
  3. How to get on a plane without a ticket.
  4. How to quickly take blackmail photos.
  5. How to bathe a cat without getting scratched.
  6. How to get over a crush on someone you didn't know you had.
  7. How to cheat on a cheater.
  8. Why people have to migrate to other planets.
  9. How English speakers can learn the Arabic language.
  10. How to bully all your bullies.

10 examples of informative process analysis essay topics

Choosing a topic for the informative essay is not a difficult thing to do, as long as you know what you need. You should choose a topic that meets your instructor's guidelines and such that can grab the reader's attention.

  1. How to overcome the loss of a family member.
  2. How to have a successful marriage.
  3. Causes of global warming.
  4. How to choose the best smartphone for yourself.
  5. How to manage your money-spending to avoid getting into debt.
  6. Writing a good resume.
  7. The creation of the Bible/Koran.
  8. How to learn a language.
  9. How to sew a dress.
  10. Changing oil in your car.

5 examples of complex process essay topics

  1. The inside of a laptop.
  2. How to refine sugar cane into sugar.
  3. The engine of a car.
  4. How to put oil in your car engine by yourself.
  5. How to fix your phone charger at home.

Help to write an essay

If students want to write an elaborate essay, they should conduct a proper research and perform the process themselves before actually explaining it to the reader. That way they will know where to find some of the necessary equipment and materials and provide the information to the reader. Also, there are some safety measures that they may need to warn the reader about. In any case, the most helpful tip we can give you is to spare yourself the trouble and order your essay from people who have spent their lives creating winning process essays. Our professional writers will help you choose a topic and help you write your essay!

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