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Marketing thesis statement writing
Marketing thesis statement writing

Marketing thesis statement writing

Aug 31, 2012
A thesis statement says the main idea described in the body of your paper. It should answer the basic questions about your topic. It should also be a few sentences long. The main highlight of a thesis paper is the same irrespective of the discipline you are expected to write on.


Writing a thesis statement on marketing requires that you narrow down your topics first. Marketing is a very large subject that is too broad to be covered in a single paper. The first thing to do is to narrow down your topic. For example, you can decide to write on topics like internet marketing, marketing trends, green marketing, or special types of marketing. The main point is to find a narrow topic and stick to it. You will find it easier to write a thesis statement on a narrowed subject. To create an interesting topic, add a sub topic. Your sub topic can be any of the following: search engine optimization in America, search engine marketing or even online marketing as it affects adolescents. These are all sub topics that are worthy of being explored.
It is most especially helpful to write your sub topic to be a sentence or a question. For example, you can ask the question "how does search engine marketing affect teens in the state of California?", and this is what your thesis statement should state. You have succeeded in narrowing your topics down to a sub topic, now would be a good time to write your precise thesis statement.


After writing your thesis statement, the next thing to do would be to begin your research. Start your research be consulting reputable books, journals and magazines that are relevant to your marketing topic. It is a bad idea to use un-reputable source for your research. Un-reputable source are a gossip television and magazines, soft sell magazines and all other sources that are generally frowned on.


Even though it is not a good idea to use citations in your thesis statement, it should strongly be added to the body of your paper. Use of strong citations in your marketing paper is strongly encouraged. Use your citations properly. Make sure to enter all the sources of your citations in a separate list known as a Reference list.


Be sure to make use of appendices after you must have completed your thesis. Your appendices will give your readers an idea of the order of organization of your research. Your appendices should also include the meaning to any abbreviation used in the body of your research paper. Any unknown terms should also be explained with the aid of your appendices.


All thesis papers should have a strong conclusion. Your conclusion should give the summary of your work. It should also state your stand on the concern you were working on. Recommendations are also appropriate at this point. Your comments for future improvements or further research should be clearly stated. A strong conclusion should make strong statements that point to your final thoughts on the subject matter. Don't leave your readers guessing.
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