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How to Write a Thesis Statement
Thesis Statement Writing

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Aug 26, 2012
In very simple terms, a thesis statement is a brief, one to two sentence summary of the analysis or argument that is to be discussed in detail. A thesis statement plays a crucial role in your essay or research paper, especially as it assesses your ideas and arguments and outlines them. Moreover, a strong thesis statement has the potential to help you develop your argument and organize your essay in a much better manner. Not to mention, a thesis statement acts as a guide to the proposed argument to your reader. Given below are some tips that are proven to help students develop strong thesis statements:

Understand the Difference Between a Weak and a Strong Thesis Statement

It is crucial to understand the difference between a weak and a strong thesis statement before you start with the thesis writing process. For a strongone it should take a stand on a reasonably contentious issue or subject and your stand on the chosen issue should be very specific. Moreover, your thesis statement should help reader with inkling of what is going to follow in the discussion in the essay. As a writer, you should resist the urge to just state an observation through your thesis statement, as it would repress the strength of your thesis as well as your entire paper. The best way to draw the attention of your readers is to contradict a widely accepted view point in your thesis statement as it will arouse the curiosity of the readers and will motivate them to reader further to find how you have supported your view point in your paper, thus making your essay stimulating and remarkable.

Simplify Your Assignment into a Central Point of Discussion

If a topic is assigned, then coming up with a strong thesis is not very difficult. The key is to reduce your assignment, irrespective of the level of its complexity, into a single question. Once you have simplified your assignment into a single question, the next step is to simply come up with a relevant one to two sentence answer to the question. This one to two sentence answer to your assignment question, very simply put, is your thesis statement.
However, to write a thesis statement is not very easy if it is difficult to translate your assignment into a simple question, and this holds true for most of the assignments in which the course instructor does not decide the topic. In such an assignment or essay, your topic of interest that you are bent upon discussing in your essay, becomes your thesis statement. It could be an idea, issue, argument or analysis that you would like to explore further in your essay. Contrary to the popular belief, to determine on your stand on any one issue or argument is much more difficult that many of us envision.

Try and Generate a Draft Thesis Statement

If you have trouble developing a final thesis statement, then you can start by working on a purpose statement that can later be converted into a thesis statement. You can also begin by listing the ideas or arguments that you intend to discuss in your essay, and then generate the thesis by summarizing the central argument of your essay. The statements thus obtained will help you as a framework for your thesis statement. However, you must understand that it is not the thesis for the final version of your essay.

Improve and Polish Your Thesis Statement

As you progress with your essay, you will come across evidences or arguments that do not go well with your working thesis, and hence will have to adjust the draft of your thesis statement accordingly. Your thesis needs to evolve with your paper, i.e., as you develop new insights into the chosen subject and as you come across new arguments, you will have to edit and improve your thesis statement fittingly.

Complete the Final Thesis

As you come closer to your final thesis, it is quintessential that you check your writing and that your thesis statement is in sync and relevant to your instructor's discussions in the class. Always give due importance to the assignment in hand; only a thesis that responds appropriately and accurately to the assignment question is considered to be strong. Needless to mention, only a well-defined, unswerving and contestable thesis statement can help you make a desired impression.
While developing your thesis, you need to focus on the content of your essay at all times. This is especially crucial as it will be detrimental to promise more through your thesis than what your paper actually conveys.
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