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Main steps to write a successful thesis statement
Write a successful thesis statement

Main steps to write a successful thesis statement

Sep 01, 2012
A thesis statement is a few sentences found at the beginning of your paper that give the main ideas presented in your research work. It is usually two to three sentences long though some can be longer. It can sometimes be placed after the introductory part of your research paper. A good thesis must always answer any question about your topic. It unifies all the ideas presented in your paper and provides direction for developing your argument. A bad thesis does not answer basic questions and is not related to the paper. It only succeeds in leaving more questions than answers.
If you are thinking of writing a successful thesis statement for your research or case study, follow these steps:

Step 1

Make it a point to write down your basic points on a piece of paper. These main points should contain all the answers to the questions stated in your assignment or topic. Make your point to be focused and straight to the point. Nothing kills a good thesis statement than a generalized opinion. A good way to think of a thesis statement is to see it as an equation. When you plot a good thesis equation, it should read something like this:
What you plan to argue + your method of argument = thesis statement.
It is as simple as that. Write down your arguments and how you are going to present your argument.

Step 2

Make sure all possible questions are answered in your thesis. If your reader can say "Why?" "How?" or "How come?" after reading your thesis, you need to make changes to your thesis so that these questions are answered. The main aim of your thesis is not to raise questions but to answer them without being too explanatory. This is not an excuse to make long sentences in order to bring out your main ideas. The best thesis statements are often those that are simple, short and straight to the point.

Step 3

The rest of your essay should support your thesis and not the other way round. This is why it is advised to write your statement last so that it will support your essay. It is possible to write your thesis before writing your essay. If this is the case and you happen to find out your thesis does not support your essay, you only have to do one of two things. Re-write your thesis so that it supports your essay or on the other hand, you can re-write your essay so that it supports your thesis. It usually does not matter what format you follow as long as your essay is strong and cohesive.
Examples: the following example is a bad thesis statement that leaves more questions than answers:
"It is true that many people do not like toda's horror movies"
This thesis statement is wrong in the sense that your reader might be forced to ask "Why?", "Why should we care?"
A good thesis should answer the question why people hate today's horror movies and may be give reasons why it should not be encouraged.
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