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How To Come Up With An Interesting Topic For English Class
Interesting Topic For English Class

How To Come Up With An Interesting Topic For English Class

May 29, 2013
It is inevitable, everyone will have to take an English class at one point or another. The type of English class may vary, but the work involved rarely does. English classes require that you write papers to show your command of the English language, your proficiency and understanding the material, or just to show your use of grammar. There are times when you will be expected to pick your own topic to write about which can be a hard thing to do. It is a fine line to walk when choosing a topic. You want to write about something that you find interesting, but you also need to find a topic that will please the professor you are writing it for. Choosing an interesting topic for English class is as important as the finished product of the paper you write.

What types of papers do you have to write for English class

Unlike high school, college courses are more specific and can cover many niche topics. English classes are no different. Whether you are taking a level one general English class, or a Master's level course, you will almost be guaranteed to be required write an English paper. There are many types of English papers that you may be required to write, or in some cases, you may be asked to write them all. Some of the types of English papers you may be asked to write are:
  • General essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Creative writing works
  • Book reviews
  • Research paper
  • Process essay
  • Comparison and Contrast essay
  • Definition essay
  • Analytical essay
Sometimes the topic will be hand selected by the professor to go along with the topics that have been covered in class. That can both be a good thing, and a bad. When the topic is supplied it takes the worry out of picking an interesting topic, but if you find the topic that the professor chooses uninteresting or difficult, it will be hard for you to write a paper that is a good example of your skills.
There will be times when the professor will allow you to choose the topic that you want to write about. Choosing the topic for your work can be an asset to your paper, or a detriment to it, depending on how well you think about, and consider, your topic before deciding. When you are choosing a topic for your paper, it is best to find something that has many characteristics.

What makes a good paper?

A good paper is comprised of creativity, intellect about the subject, mastery of the English language and the rules of writing, and following the rules relative to the type of paper that has been assigned. If you are in the process of deciding on a topic for your English paper there are many questions that you should ask yourself before choosing:
  • What do I find interesting?
  • What examples has the professor provided in class?
  • What do I know a lot about?
  • Will it demonstrate the assignment well?
  • Will it demonstrate my skills effectively?
  • Do I believe in what I am writing about?
  • Am I excited, or passionate about, the topic?
Professors choose a type of paper to assign because they are looking to see if you have learned what they have taught to you. It is important to understand what the professor is looking for from your paper. If you are asked to find a topic for an argumentative paper, then finding a topic that you can present both sides to is crucial. If you are asked to write a research paper, your topic will be different. In a research paper you will be showing that you have mastery of the information, presenting just the information that is related to the information you are presenting.
Although it is important to find a topic that you are interested in, it is important to consider the audience. If you are asked to write a creative writing paper, using mechanical engineering as a topic, will not entertain the audience, nor will it demonstrate that you understand what the assignment is. Knowing what the professor is interested in is a good idea as well. If you have a professor who is more serious, choosing a serious topic will be more interesting to them, likewise if you have a professor who is more lighthearted and engaging, choosing a topic that will entertain them is better.


When you are asked to write a paper for college, most likely it isn't really about what you are writing about, as much as it is that you choose a topic that is appropriate. It is also integral that you understand the components of the type of paper you are assigned to write. Defining what the professor is really looking for in the piece you are writing is the best way to choose the most appropriate topic for your paper.
Taking into consideration the personality of your teacher will aid you in finding something that will engage them. After all, the intent of any paper is to entertain, or inform the reader. If you choose a topic that is uninteresting, you won't be able to entertain anyone, or keep them engaged. Above all, chose a topic that you know a lot about and that you feel passionate about. Having to do additional research about something either that you know nothing about, or don't find interesting, will be more work, and the finished product will most likely not be as good as if you pick something you really care about.
By Kevin Demlon.Kevin is a reliable academic writer. He shows some good samples to follow and create writing manuals to help students with their assignments.
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