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Argumentative Essay Topics for All Tastes

Every college student faces academic writing assignments on a regular basis as they are one of the most common and are loved by the professors. Writing tasks vary depending on the complexity, style, and purpose. However, no matter how different they are, they all require a solid academic background, great writing skills, and creativity. Based on the purpose of the essay, your task might be to prove something, convince the reader, just give an overview, or share your opinion. In order to write a good paper, you need to understand all pitfalls of the particular paper type, the nuances that are unique for this paper, and special requirements to it. Thus, let's try to figure out what argumentative essay is.

Defining an argumentative essay

In most cases, writing an argumentative essay means introducing a particular point of view to the reader and using all possible evidence and arguments to prove that this viewpoint is a correct one. Your task is to share some background information on the topic, provide different perspectives, come up with the idea which is the most appropriate for this topic, and prove why it is so. Wow! Sounds like something complicated to do! Well, this writing task is not the easiest one, but it is doable.

Argumentative writing depends significantly on the topic because it defines all further proof and evidence. We believe that the most important things that all students should have at their disposal are diligence and good topic! No matter how excellent your writing skills are or how well-structured your paper is, you will not be able to create a good essay without the appropriate topic.

We have a solution for you - choose our topic!

What are the reasons of why you should put a lot of effort into choosing the topic for your argumentative essay?

  • The topic is the first thing that stands out when the reader starts reading the essay. If your topic succeeds in being a right "hook," the victory is in your hands. Thus, the topic plays an enormous role in drawing the attention of the readers.
  • The argumentative essay topic is the foundation of the entire paper. It defines what you are going to write about, and which point of view you will try to support.
  • Your topic is the key to success. You may wonder as to why it is so. It's simple - if the topic is interesting to you, you will enjoy the process of creating your essay. As a result, you will be able to produce an incredible piece of writing. What can be better than enjoying what you're doing? That's why the topic is crucial.

Understanding the importance of the topic for argumentative essay writing has inspired us to collect some great topics in the same place. In this article, we provide a great variety of topics in different fields starting from argumentative research essay topics for college students and ending with persuasive speech topics. No matter what you study or how specific your subject is - you will definitely find something appropriate for you. We divided all topics in accordance with the category of the topic and their specificity. If you are looking for the best topic for your work, check out the list below. We are more than sure that you will find something perfect - a great topic that will correspond to your creative streak and all expectations. All right, let's roll!

Sports and athletics

Here are some great topics in case you intend to write about sports:

  1. Cheerleading should be regarded as a type of sport.
  2. Colleges should pay more attention to the sports programs.
  3. Students should get scholarships for playing sports as they build the reputation of the college.
  4. Athletes and intelligence. The stereotype of the athletes being less smart should be broken.
  5. Sports that involve the participation of the animals should be banned.
  6. Drinking alcohol during public sports events should be banned as it raises the aggression.
  7. Professional athletes end up having severe health problems.
  8. Female coaches should work with female athletes as it is better for the general productivity.
  9. Not every good athlete can be a great coach.
  10. Hard work of the athletes is more important than the essential skills.
  11. Bodybuilding is ruining the image of a real woman and femininity.
  12. Women are worse boxers than men - they are incompatible with this kind of sports.
  13. Chess is not a sport.
  14. Chess is a sport.
  15. Playing chess at school has a significant impact on raising smart kids.
  16. Sport helps to release stress and anxiety.
  17. World Cups produce devastating effects on the countries that host them.
  18. FIFA should undergo a major overhaul because of the corruption.
  19. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time.
  20. Women's basketball is underestimated.
  21. Sports can improve children's fine and gross motor skills.
  22. Sports is crucial not only for a physique of a person but psychologically as well.
  23. Cybersport VS Real sports. Should Cybersport be considered as a real sport?
  24. Athletes who use sports as a platform to promote their political views should be fined.
  25. Does hosting the Olympic Games have benefits for the hosting country? What social and economic impact does it have?
  26. Sports advertising has a tremendous impact on body image.
  27. Some sports like hockey, rugby, and soccer lead to an increase in violence.
  28. The right nutrition increases the efficiency of an athlete.
  29. Stretching should be an integral part of every sportsman's workout.
  30. Sleeping has a direct influence on the performance of the athlete.

Health and nutrition

  1. The best way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of sugar consumed every day and eat only natural sugar which is in fruits and vegetables.
  2. Bad nutrition habits play a more significant role in obesity than genetic predisposition.
  3. People trying to lose weight should pay more attention to their nutrition rather than exercise.
  4. A vegetarian diet is unhealthy for humans.
  5. Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight.
  6. Schools should provide decent meals to all students - nutritious and healthy.
  7. Parents are 100% responsible for the nutrition of their kids and should accept their responsibility in case of nutrition-related health problems faced by children.
  8. The influence of the nutrition on the human's body is still studied by scientists.
  9. Schools should teach kids about good nutrition habits.
  10. Supplements and vitamin tablets are not suitable replacements for a healthy diet.
  11. Bad nutrition habits influence the emotions of people - they become more argumentative and aggressive.
  12. Food companies should provide detailed information about the composition of their products.
  13. Fast food is the reason for the high level of obesity in the United States.
  14. Healthy nutritious diet prolongs life.
  15. Anorexia is as bad as obesity.
  16. Addiction to coffee increases the risk of heart attacks among young adults.
  17. Fat burning supplements have no proven efficiency.
  18. Drinking enough water is crucial for human's health.
  19. Salt is a white poison - you should reduce salt consumption as much as possible.
  20. Nutrition plan requires an individual approach.
  21. There's a thin line between weight loss programs and nutrition problems.
  22. Should insurance cover plastic surgery?

Arts and media

  1. Is media use limiting or changing how we think and what we can imagine?
  2. Is media use improving individuals and the world?
  3. Does social media make us more alone?
  4. Privacy issues in social media.
  5. More art-related places should be created in each city.
  6. Art is the best tool to represent the culture of the country.
  7. Media has a major negative impact on each one's life.
  8. Bullying on social media is a big problem nowadays.
  9. There are many threats of having accounts in social networks like Facebook.
  10. Can virtual relationships exist?
  11. Is technology restricting human imagination?
  12. Modern movies are worse than they used to be in the middle of the 20th century.
  13. Can you earn sufficient amount of money being an artist?
  14. Is online censorship critical for the Internet users?
  15. Augmented reality helps art galleries attract more visitors.

Gender Issues

  1. Raising women's awareness regarding their rights is necessary.
  2. Gender roles: How hard is it to mold the rigid perspectives of societies?
  3. Feminism is an integral part of today's society.
  4. Will the world become better if it turns matriarchal?
  5. Women should be allowed to wear what they like in all countries.
  6. Women often suffer from domestic violence at home.
  7. Should society change its attitude toward single mothers?
  8. Should women shout for equality and reservation in the same breath?
  9. Women should have extended maternity leave option available.
  10. Friendships between girls and boys exist.
  11. Transphobia is a pressing concern in today's society.
  12. Marriage propaganda has a destructive influence on the society.
  13. The man should take more responsibility in the family than the woman.
  14. Women should have more rights these days.
  15. The "Other" option should be available in the field "gender."

Politics and the legal system

  1. Political Cartoons that cause offense should be banned.
  2. Are there times when the benefits of an autocratic regime outweigh the benefits of democracy?
  3. Does the West have a superiority complex and is this complex damaging to world peace?
  4. Explore the consequences of when politics and religion collide.
  5. Does the recent "Rainbow Revolution" in Ireland which has seen gay marriages legalized automatically pave the way for relaxation in abortion laws?
  6. Should the intelligence agencies be above politics? Should they be beyond public scrutiny?
  7. Does people's power have any real influence on political decision making?
  8. Should the British Monarch be above politics or should we return to days gone by when they had influence and were much more than a figurehead?
  9. Is America truly a democratic country?
  10. The death penalty should be canceled?
  11. It should be forbidden to use animals for research purposes.
  12. The role played by lobbyists in politics needs to change.
  13. Two-party politics in the USA is outdated.
  14. There should be more politicians of ethnic diversity to create a fairer representation of society.
  15. The USA should adopt a national health service model.
  16. There should be more women in the leading roles of government globally.
  17. The capitalism is beneficial to the many.
  18. The idea of the world's government has a lot of positive sides.
  19. The influence of newspapers on political elections.
  20. The impact of the media on political life.
  21. Why has the US never had a female president?
  22. US government should be stricter when it comes to gun control.
  23. Are governments around the world doing enough to avoid global warming?
  24. The countries should strictly control immigration.
  25. All governments have a responsibility to prevent gambling addictions.
  26. The governments should pay more attention to the problem of the future possibility of human cloning.
  27. If there was one aspect of the US Constitution that you could change, what would it be and why?
  28. What measures can be taken to try and increase the voter turnout at elections?
  29. Discuss the differences between two major political parties.
  30. How has the role of 24-hour news changed election campaigns?
  31. Is the government doing enough to prevent a health epidemic caused by obesity?
  32. The governments should have a right to censor the internet whenever they want.
  33. Should immigrants have more living rights?
  34. Should employers be obligated to hire an ex-convict? Why or why not.
  35. Does random employee drug testing infringe on a person's privacy rights?
  36. Is it a matter of infringement of privacy rights for parents to monitor teenage children's internet usage?
  37. Breastfeeding in public.
  38. Marijuana should never be legalized.

Personal character and morality

  1. Human Cloning: Is It Ethical?
  2. Should reason alone be used to determine which actions are morally right and morally wrong?
  3. Is happiness just the sum of individual pleasures?
  4. Are moral qualities an intrinsic good?
  5. Is beauty essential?
  6. Are members of oppressed minority groups kept back by policies which encourage them to see cultures foreign to themselves as innately superior?
  7. Does the preservation of a country's culture take precedence over the rights of its new immigrants to conserve their old way of life on new soil?
  8. Is the fulfillment of desire an essential good?
  9. Is ethical egoism a complete theory?
  10. Self-realization is the dominant thing all people pursue.
  11. Some people cannot be happy.
  12. Pardon and forgiveness: the highest forms of justice.
  13. Truth: is it absolute or relative?
  14. How religions change/changed their teachings on slavery, the role of women, sexual orientation, etc.
  15. Should prostitution be legalized?
  16. The right to die should be paid considerable attention to in the law.
  17. Do parents who lack abusive tendencies have the right to discipline their children using corporal punishment?
  18. Is the consumption of the flesh of other creatures moral?
  19. Bearing in mind the current state of the planet Earth, should humans consider the colonization of the rest of the galaxy?
  20. Do wealthy nations have an ethical obligation to welcome refugees from other countries whose economies they may have damaged beyond repair?
  21. Should the right to consume intoxicants and hallucinogens be enshrined in law?
  22. Should parents who allow or encourage their children to become morbidly obese be treated as child abusers and suffer the full penalties under the law?
  23. Is the concept of land ownership unethical as posited by Rousseau?
  24. Should people be encouraged to limit population growth until the human population matches that which the planet can sustainably maintain?
  25. Should people be allowed to engage in hunting for the sole purpose of entertainment?
  26. Is the compulsory education system as it appears in many countries a form of immoral mental control over children?


  1. Children should be able to learn a second or third language from an early age.
  2. Students suffer from being overloaded with a ton of assignments. Thus, they should have less homework than they currently do.
  3. All teachers should undergo a regular test to monitor their knowledge and teaching quality.
  4. All lessons should be shorter and more frequent in order to improve the quality of the education process.
  5. Should parents have a more active role in the education of the children?
  6. Teachers deserve more extended holidays to maintain their productivity.
  7. Students should get rewards for excellent attendance records.
  8. Corporal punishment shouldn't be used to help teach discipline to young students.
  9. Schools have to be up-to-date with the latest technology to help develop the education.
  10. Should students be separated so as to study in single-sex classes?
  11. Should compulsory education be changed so that students stay in school until they are older?
  12. Should higher education be available for free for everybody?
  13. Should schools introduce practical subjects that will be of more use to certain students when they are older?
  14. Should schools abolish exams and testing?
  15. Should schools be made more accountable for bad results achieved by the students?
  16. Should American teachers or security personnel who protect schools in the United States be armed?
  17. Parenting classes should be introduced and made mandatory for first-time parents.
  18. What is the appropriate age for children to start attending school?
  19. Is the Electoral College really a necessity?
  20. High stakes tests should not be mandatory for students.
  21. Are elite schools increasing the divide between the rich and the poor?
  22. Students must not be forced to learn foreign languages.
  23. Schools should set restrictions on the food that students carry in for lunch.
  24. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling, comparing it to normal schooling.
  25. Technology in classrooms; discuss the extent to which technology should be used in classes
  26. Is it okay to pay college athletes? Emphasize some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.
  27. Is it necessary to offer remedial classes in college? How effective are they?
  28. Should there be standards set to regulate the current educational curriculum, based on the needs and requirements of the schools?
  29. Legal run-ins should be displayed on the academic results of a student.
  30. Discuss the possible consequences of plagiarism and the punishments that can be administered to students who are found to have infringed on some of these rules.
  31. Should all children be forced to undergo high school life skills classes? What are the benefits that students can get from these classes?
  32. Cheating in schools is getting worse.
  33. Students should grade their teachers.
  34. Students in middle schools should be drug tested.
  35. Standardized tests don't measure students' skills properly.
  36. Students should study only what they want.
  37. Schools should provide more opportunities for students to be creative.
  38. Schools don't prepare students for the real life.
  39. Schools should reward students for excellent test scores.


  1. Is tourism good for the environment or damaging?
  2. Tourists bring more money to the country which has a good impact on the economy.
  3. You can understand other cultures only by traveling.
  4. Traveling broadens our mind.
  5. Does tourism have any political impacts on tourist areas?
  6. What are the primary jobs that tourism creates in tourist areas?
  7. Does tourism have any religious impacts? If so, are they positive or negative?
  8. What is educational tourism? What are the benefits of educational tourism? Why is it so important?
  9. What is responsible tourism?
  10. The pro-poor tourism is becoming more popular these days.
  11. People who travel a lot are happier.
  12. Many countries survive only because of tourism.
  13. The governments should support tourism and invest money in its development.
  14. Space traveling will not be possible in the XXI century.

As you can probably see, most of these are simple things that you experience on a daily basis. So it won't be such a problem for you to research them! Good luck with your argumentative essay, and remember - you can always just order it from us!

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