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International Studies Essay: A Few Cool Topic Ideas

No one will doubt that the primary purpose of assigning essay writing in educational settings is to help students learn how to conduct research, present their findings, and convince readers through writing. The paper won't seem promising and convincing to teachers if no research has been undertaken. No matter what topic you choose, no matter how good and exciting it is, you won't be able to highlight the key aspects, add relevant facts and elaborate on the topic without substantial research.

International studies essays presuppose an in-depth study of the topic. The issues this science touches on are often sensitive, controversial, and even contradicting. If you didn't lose the desire to write an essay on IR, check the following prompts, do some research and find an exciting topic to discuss.

Global Cooperation

All countries are different, and each subject of international law has developed a unique set of strategies to operate successfully. The working principles of each country differ, and sometimes they vary too drastically. All would be nothing, but the modern world presupposes global cooperation. That's why international policies are necessary to regulate these processes. Global cooperation is one of the irreplaceable ways to tackle global warming, pollution, climate change, and other issues. You can describe the advantages and disadvantages of global cooperation. It's also possible to discuss how countries can help each other tackle various problems, etc.

International Relations And How Globalization Influences Them

The term 'globalization' was introduced in the early 20th century but became widely known a few decades ago. The meaning of globalization is rather broad. When talking about globalization, people mean the increasing cooperation and interaction among countries, governments, people, organizations, etc. Everything depends on the context. Improvements in transportation and other technologies boosted the development of globalization. This process dramatically affects international relations. It takes into account the interests of people from around the world. You may not notice it, but this process transforms the world around us.

Due to it, we can connect with people from other cultures, establish political, economic, and social relations with other countries, etc. So, the choice of essay topics here is broad enough. Discuss the pros and cons of this process, focus on relations between two or more chosen countries, etc. Use your imagination.

UN Participation in Globalization And International Relations

This organization is an important member of international relations. It was established to maintain national peace, security, international relations, and cooperation. Besides contributing to overall international development, the UN assists in alleviating various issues, such as poverty, disease, hunger, etc. The promotion of human rights is the key mission of this organization. All member countries gather in forums to discuss the issues and find ways to solve them together. Your international relations essay can cover the significance of UN development and how it changed the post-war world. Discuss the similarities or differences between the League of Nations and the United Nations. Explain what exactly this organization does to maintain peace. If you want to analyze something, explain what peacekeeping operations did the UN have? Were these operations successful? Assess the organization's actions to show your awareness of the topic.

World Trade Relations

International relations are impossible without trade relations between countries. The process of exchanging goods, resources, and services is one of the ways to tackle poverty, grow the economy, make innovations, provide more opportunities to people and improve the standard of living. Moreover, the broader choice of goods and their lower price are other significant benefits of globalization and global trade in particular. If you want to explore this topic in detail in your essay, you can conduct research and find some countries that benefited from this process. It's also okay to develop a global trade strategy for a third-world country and discuss it. Explain the disadvantages of global trade: strict laws, low wages, the excessive number of skilled labor, and many more. You can discuss trade between different countries: Taiwan and Japan, China and Africa, etc. What about analyzing a Free Trade Agreement in your essay?

India-United States Relations

Currently, developed countries share a cultural, economic, military, and strategic relationship that is of great importance. The relationship between any two countries can be studied closely to understand certain IR aspects and the associated theories. You can write an essay on the relationship between any two countries. In this example - we'll tell you about the relationship between India and The United States of America. The connection between India and the USA dates back to 1893 when Swami Vivekananda visited America. Post-Indian independence, a few issues, and concerns cropped in between the two nations affecting the relation shared by the nations. Even though USA and India were democratic, there was a period when India, under some pressure, chose to stay away from the USA. Also, India's continuous rush against Israel caused America displeasure during those times. However, post-globalization, under the leadership of various efficient leaders of both nations several policies were reformed, and new agreements were formed. After 2005, trade and tourism between the countries largely improved with the Open Skies Agreement. The two countries now engage in various military exercises, trade, and investments, educational development, etc. You can discuss how different aspects of growth in the fields of business, education, and employment have been positively affected because of improvement in the relationship between India and the USA.

Below are some more topics that might interest you:

Neo-Realism and LiberalismUS - EU RelationInternational LawRole of Diplomacy in International RelationsMedia's Role in International RelationsIndo US Nuclear relation

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