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Write My Paper: Most Common Grammar Mistakes in an English Essay to Avoid

As a student of English course there is one thing that you must always remember - never, ever make grammatical errors in your essays. These basic errors are very off putting, especially since there are a lot of online and offline tools that help students spot and correct grammatical errors in their write ups. Many people make simple grammar mistakes when they write or speak, but you cannot afford to make any mistakes as a student. These will cause you loosing valuable marks on your English essay and may pull down your entire year's score.
Here are useful tips to avoid some of the most common grammatical errors:
  1. Always ensure that the very tenses are not mixed up. When the subject's tense is present, the verb should also be in the present tense. This rule applies to the past tense for verb and subject as well.
  2. Make sure that you keep the distinction between singular and plural very clear and proceed with sentences accordingly.
  3. Try and avoid contraction. Replace 'don't' with 'do not', 'can't' with 'cannot', and so forth. When writing formal essays, it is always best to completely avoid contractions or at least keep their use as limited as possible.
  4. Make sure that there are no fragments. A proper sentence has a verb and a subject.
  5. Double negatives are not to be used. These might be acceptable when talking, but when you're writing an English essay, always keep double negatives out of the paper.
  6. Don't confuse words that sound similar but are spelled and used differently. Some commonly mixed up words include their-there, hare-hair, rare-rear and through-thorough.
  7. Know the difference between words like good and well, few and little, gone and went, etc., and use these correctly.

Tools for Checking Grammar

Nowadays you don't have to rely on books alone to ensure that you are using the right words and not making any grammatical errors in your English essay. There are a lot of tools that have been designed specifically for this purpose. A quick Internet search will give you a list of various tools that you can use for free to check your paper's grammar. All you need to do is run the text through it once and all the errors, if any, would be highlighted so that you can correct them. There are some tools that will even offer suggestions and help you make the apt corrections.
Special softwares have also been created for checking grammar in write-ups. You can always find and download one that you think it the best. Some of these are paid while some are free.

Get Help and Submit A Perfect English Paper

Not everyone excels at grammar. Even if your English is otherwise excellent, grammar is tricky and has some very specific rules. If you are not completely sure that grammar is your strong point, then instead of wondering 'how do I write my paper without errors?' you may want to get in touch with a professional writing services. These services aim at helping students submit English essays and papers that are devoid of any errors and are flawless in every way possible.
Grammatical mistakes make a paper look unprofessional and will give your teacher a bad overall impression. Maybe it is not about how strong your grammar is; maybe you're just too pressed for time. Students have a lot of things to take care of and they usually find it difficult to focus all their time and energy into making sure that one English essay is as perfect as possible. In situations like this too, writing services prove very helpful.
All you need to do is find a trustworthy and affordable writing service, share any specifications or instructions that you might have and you can rest assured that before the deadline is over, you will be submitting an English essay that has no mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, and will fetch you good grades.