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Dissertation Topics for Business Course

Most of the courses in the field of business administration include an exercise of dissertation writing as part of the curriculum for the students to qualify for the degree or to complete the course. The reason behind this is very simple and that is to equip the professors to gauge the students' understanding and insight on specific business strategies and topics. More often students will have the chance to choose their dissertation topics and that essentially will be first thing that they have to focus upon. It is very important for them to choose a topic on which they are more willing to research and gain exposure. It will be a good idea to choose topics that add to their practical knowledge making them better professionals in the future. Here are few topics that might help to begin with.

Global Business Strategies

With the help of technology, the trend of globalization is catching up faster among most of the developing nations. The global business strategies affect many factors and are to be strategically developed in few of these factors. Global business affects the politics, economy and the living standards of the participating nations. It is definitely not easy to develop global business strategies which prove to be successful and help the business grow. The business conducting laws vary from nation to nation and it is imperative to gain a proper understating of these laws before developing a business strategy. Organizations have to also consider the benefits and risks involved in moving forward with a particular business strategy. There are other options like mergers and acquisitions that can be considered while formulating a business strategy. You can research about the giant companies which are present across the globe and can write about the different business strategies developed by them in order to sustain the competition and also grow globally. You can also write about how certain vendor management strategies contributed to successful global strategies. You can also discuss about your findings on how the global strategies are developed keeping in view the cultural backgrounds and the diverse nationalities.

Business Ethics

Business ethics often referred to as corporate ethics is a measure which regulates the principles, policies and norms of the business conducting procedure. Business ethics reflect the core philosophy or the fundamental purpose of the business. Business ethics can also be considered as the moral guidelines to conduct a good business. Business ethics today have become very important to the organizations to have a level of trust among the customers or clients directly involved in the business. Some of these business ethics are often directed by law and on the other hand some of the business or corporate ethics are implemented by the business owner as a good business practice and to gain the customer confidence. You can research about the business ethics being followed by various businesses and also discuss how these ethics have a direct impact on the public or their customer base. You can also discuss the importance of pre-defined business ethics and how important it is for the companies and its employees to strictly adhere to these ethical policies for the business to grow. You can also write about how corporates today give priority and importance to ethics training to all the new employees. Aspects of the global business ethics can also be explored.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have changed the world of business over a period of time. Merger and acquisitions initially was a business strategy developed to combine two or more companies to form a strong and bigger business unit. There is a difference between merger and acquisition; however most of the time the difference actually does not seem to matter. An acquisition happens when a company buys out the other company or at least acquires the ownership rights of the other company. In case of a merger, two companies combine to form a single entity. There could be several reasons behind a merger, acquisition or a takeover however the aim is to maximize the profits of the business and to improve the shareholder value of the company. Laws and regulations for mergers and acquisitions may vary from nation to nation, and hence international mergers and acquisitions require focusing on more such details before forming the strategy to merge or acquire. Not every merger and acquisition was successful so far. You can research and develop a case study of mergers and acquisitions that failed such as Quaker Oat and Snapple Merger, American Online and Time Warner etc. Or you can also discuss how businesses grew in the successful mergers like Disney with Pixar, Exxon and Mobil, Hewlett Packard and Vertica etc. You can also write about the advantage of having strong business ethics in sustaining the modern day competition.

Effects of Social Networking sites on business

We all have witnessed a great change in our day to day life with the breakthrough of social media and networking. Social networking has changed the way business is conducted. Though the traditional advertising techniques are still followed, a business can now not ignore the power of social networking to connect to its customers. A lot of detail can be easily made available to millions of customers across the globe with the help of social networking sites. Businesses now use the social networking sites as a major platform to connect and communicate with its customers and employees. Major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. also offer customized services to help the business grow their visibility on the internet and thereby directly benefit from it. Social networking sites made it possible for the people across the globe to stay connected with each other and hence businesses also find this useful to be on the social networking circuit to spread the word, which is low cost advertising. So, social network sites act more like a unique channel for the businesses or organization to help improve their customer service and engagement. You can quote examples of the major businesses which have strong online presence and also discuss about the positives and negatives of businesses depending on the social networking sites.

Women in Business

There has been a significant increase in women participating in business as entrepreneurs. And most of the businesses run by women are setting an example with very unique and innovative business strategies being developed by them. Over the past few years the number of women taking up to business has increased manifold in some developing nations whereas a considerable increase in the number is seen in other developed and developing nations. Such a change in the area of various business fields has not only empowered women who conduct business, but also helped many other women get employed by the women entrepreneurs. It has been reported that businesses owned and developed by women are contributing largely to the world economy and also has brought a sense of discipline into the business world. You can research about the most powerful women entrepreneurs and discuss about how they have made a remarkable contribution to the employment, economy conditions of their nation. You can use some real life examples to present an analysis on the most powerful women in the business today.

Here are few more dissertation topics that can be attempted by students and researchers:

  1. Implementation of International Business Strategy
  2. Corporate Business and How it is Affected by the Corruption in Developing and Under Developed Countries
  3. Coordination and Leadership in International Business Teams
  4. Innovative Business Strategy in Emerging Markets
  5. Decline in the Analysis of Trade Unions - An Analysis

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