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My Essay Writing Guidelines: Title Page Requirements

As a student, you would have to submit quite a few essays, something that you must already know. Writing and submitting the perfect essay is never an easy task, especially if the deadline is too tight or you have a very packed schedule. In this case, instead of struggling, you can always approach a professional writing service with a 'help me with my essay writing' request.
If you are determined that you will write the essay without any help, then there are some writing guidelines that you need to keep in mind, especially about coming up with the perfect title page.

Some Basic Essay Writing Guidelines

  1. Always choose an interesting topic that will make for a good read. The topic should be something that personally appeals to you.
  2. Collect as much relevant research material as you can. Edit and select only very important and impressive content later but when just starting out, collect as much content as you can.
  3. Always give due credit to the sources that you have referred to. Failure to do so will not only make you lose marks but could also get you penalized for plagiarism.
  4. Proofread your essay before submitting it. The write up should be completely devoid of any spelling, grammar or factual errors.
  5. Make sure that you arrange all the content well and your essay is properly structured.

The Title Page

The title page of the essay is essentially the face of the entire work. It is very important to frame this page right so that the tone for the paper is set nicely. The title page should be completely error free and it should look nice. There shouldn't be any unnecessary information on it.
A good title page should contain the following information:
  1. The student/submitter's name.
  2. Date of submission.
  3. Title of the essay.
  4. Name of the course.
  5. Name of the instructor.
In order to make the title page look professional, begin each line from the right side of the left margin. This will also make content easy to read. Pick a font and font size that is easily readable. Unless these have been specified, it is good to stick with Times New Roman, font size 12. The font that you pick for the title page and the one that you will use for the essay should be the same.
If you have not been specifically instructed to avoid adding pictures or colorful highlights or fonts on the title page, you can choose a relevant picture and add it. Make sure that it is not something irrelevant or something that looks out of place because it is too huge, or too colorful. The same goes for colors. These are a good way of highlighting important information but don't go overboard.
All the information that you share on the title page should be 100% correct and should not arouse any suspicious or invite any questions. Be very careful when typing. Instructors are not very tolerant of errors on the title page, especially ones that might lead to confusion in terms of the course name, class name or the essay's title.
It is important to give a well written and structured title page to the essay. Failure to do so could lead to your getting a bad grade.

My Essay Writing: Get Professional Assistance

Writing an essay is never an easy task, especially if you want your essay to be unique and flawless. This is where professional writing services come in. Maybe you're pressed for time because you have a lot on your plate, or maybe the submission has a very tight deadline, no matter what the case is, you can always choose to get essay writing help from a professional service provider. There are various students who approach professionals with a 'help me in my essay writing' request.
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