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Research paper editing format
Research paper editing format

Research paper editing format

Sep 09, 2012
Writing a research paper can be a learning experience if a student knows what to look out for. A research paper can come in the form of case studies, simple essays, thesis or even a dissertation. These different types of research papers require different skills sets to write. For example, a simple essay may be just an ordinary narrative. A case study on the other hand is a type of research paper that requires you to conduct experiments with the sole aim of arriving at results in order to solve a problem. The editing strategies or skills used for these two types of research paper will differ because of the differences in their writing structures
Basically the editing process of any research paper follows some laid down rules. Follow these rules and you will come out with a readable and concise essay. Some of these rules are stated below:

    The basic rule to editing a research paper would be to first and foremost check for any grammatical and syntax errors. A grammatical error in your research paper will make your paper be difficult to read. You might even end up confusing your audience. Correct any grammatical errors in your research paper by reading your paper several times over. Read it slowly at first to see if you misused any grammar. It is often best to type your research paper using applications like the Microsoft word. This application has editing and grammar tools. Wrong grammar and spelling are often in red and green dotted lines; this is a great tool to use for editing purposes.

    While writing your research paper , it is important that all chapters are complete. Your research paper is not complete if one chapter or section is missing from your finished work. The best way to check for missing chapters is to have a similar work to compare yours with. Note all the chapters that are supposed to be in your research paper. Skim through your work to ensure that none of these chapters and sections is missing. If you happen to find any missing section, it's best to make up for it by adding the relevant section.

    It is a bad idea to choose font characters that are less than 12. The reason for this is not farfetched. Your readers need to discern what they are reading. There is no point forcing your readers to strain their eyes before they can understand you. A font character of 12-14 is usually ideal. Use a smaller font and risk being penalized by your professor.

    The page layout of your research paper makes it all the more readable and interesting. Many institutions have specific page layouts they expect their students to use. Check with your department so you won't be penalized. Usually, it is recommended that both sides of your paper use 2 inches off the sides as well as in the header and footer sections. This sort of formatting makes your paper looks organized. Having written words scattered all over the pages of your paper is not appealing and your reader might easily lose interest.
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