Marketing Research Paper Guide

There is no student who doesn't write at least one research paper throughout the school years. This type of assignment involves your ability to use and apply previously developed skills as well as basic and specific knowledge of a particular area. Research paper in itself is quite a long writing, the preparation of which can be extremely time-consuming. Subject matter, and therefore the specific features of your work, directly depend on what your specialty is. Besides, students are often assigned to write a research paper on some burning issues or topics that modern people are concerned with. For example, the question of marketing is very urgent and discussed today, since this aspect of our lives affects every one of us every day. And, if you are going to cope with this task successfully, it is necessary to determine more precisely what is a marketing research paper.

Often when talking about a research paper on this particular topic, we mean the study of a specific problem or aspect related to the marketing world. Such a study will include not only an informative description of the chosen issue and its peculiarities but also a specific statement or idea about it. Your further task is to develop this statement by giving convincing evidence and making your research work well-grounded with real data and exciting information. Where do you have to get said information from? From the research that you are about to hold, of course. And, if you write a research paper on marketing, the most effective methods could be the following:

  • conducting polls;
  • making up graphs;
  • creating charts;
  • studying online sources;
  • analytical thinking.

Don't be afraid to use any non-trivial approaches to study the matter. Who knows, maybe your original methods will provide you with surprisingly effective results. Think about the scientific novelty and relevance you want to present in your research. But, let's start with some basics. Of course, if you have already chosen the one you want to study among marketing topics for a research paper, a half of your work is already done. But, it will be quite useful for you to learn (or recall) some hints and tips that you can use to achieve better results.

Marketing research paper writing tips

Every student is aware of the unbreakable rule of any successful research paper three components: understandable and attention-drawing introduction; informative and well-grounded body part consisting of at least three paragraphs; a persuasive conclusion with the most important results you've got. But such an instruction is quite common and trivial, and sometimes this isn't enough to fulfill all the research paper requirements. Considering that you are going to deal with such a field as marketing, you need to think about the psychological aspect of your preparation and the right approach to the audience, the professor, and the way of chosen topic exploration. Look through the following marketing research paper tips, and maybe you will have a more precise understanding of what you are to go through.

  • Use only real facts from reliable information sources. It will increase the audience's credibility to your work and develop your skills in information analysis.
  • Don't pass other scientists' words as your own. References to previous marketing studies will show your competence in this field.
  • Marketing is a highly exciting sphere, and you have a wide range of interesting materials to use in your research (pictures, schemes, videos, posters, etc.).
  • Pay attention to advertisements on the TV and billboards on the streets, and study their impact on you as a consumer.
  • Try to avoid too generalized information and give preference to more precise facts (especially if you are working with statistics).
  • Keep in mind that your paper should be logically structured: use transition sentences and logical bounds between parts.

List of marketing research paper topics

As you can understand, writing a marketing research paper could be challenging and time-consuming, since it requires a lot of attentive and thorough preparation, as well as a right pre-writing approach. And, one of the most urgent questions students ask is "where to start?". The first step you are to do on the way to having a completely refined research paper on marketing (as well as chemistry, biology, sociology, and so on) is to choose a right writing topic that will grab your audience's attention at the first word. It could be some issues discussed on the TV or various marketing websites, as well as any certain marketing problem, that amazes you the most. Nevertheless, here you can find a vast list of marketing topics for a research paper as well, and pick one that will become a solid foundation for your excellent writing.

  1. Peculiarities and model of customers decision-making.
  2. Gender issues and their impact on family shopping.
  3. The problem of deceptive advertisement.
  4. Debunking the myths about customers' feedbacks.
  5. The success of marketing strategies based on online communities.
  6. Visual and psychological hacks that markets use to boost their branding.
  7. Major building-blocks for successful marketing.
  8. Impulsive marketing strategies.
  9. How feedback surveys influence marketing effectiveness.
  10. Advertisement on social networks.
  11. Shelf spacing as an influencer of buyers' decisions.
  12. The success of online marketing generation.
  13. What makes satisfying healthcare products branding.
  14. Market benefits of credit cards.
  15. Celebrity involvement and how it influences a distributor's reputation.
  16. The role of women in modern advertising.
  17. Developing countries in the context of the global marketing.
  18. How free samples increase sales and customer's interest.
  19. Real effectiveness of the Black PR.
  20. A strategy of successful product range extension.

You can concentrate on one of these research paper topics related to marketing or use the most interesting one as a foundation for formulating an individual and original topic you want to explore in depth.

Writing a research paper on marketing often turns out to be much more difficult than you expected. However, if you start your preparation in advance, maybe make up some kind of schedule, and follow some professional suggestions, you will see that everything is actually simple and even exciting. We wish you luck in your future writings and are absolutely confident in your brilliant success!

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