Academic Writing Styles

Important academic writing styles: A brief

Aug 16, 2012
Academic writing is concerned with covering a specific topic with a convincing point of view. From the student's perspective, it is essential to have skills to be an effective academic writer as it could help you get your findings published some day. Students must realize that writing on a particular topic without being able to address all the queries, simply does not meet the standards of academic writing. If you are working towards impressing your tutor, you must choose the right words that are crisp and meaningful.

Different Types of Academic Writing Styles

Academic writing styles have a huge influence on the reader and helps scholars follow your arguments. Today, there is a variety of styles with its distinctive purpose and features. Hence there is a need to adapt to a specific style of writing based on the type of publication or style you would like to aim for. Some of the common types of academic writing are described below:

The Formal Writing Style

As the term 'formal' indicates, this writing style is prim in nature and avoids the use of contractions, colloquialisms and slang. In formal writing, you can choose to write in an objective or personal style. When writing in an impersonal or objective style, one must avoid the use of 'I', 'We' or 'You'. However, if you choose to write in a personal style, you can write in an introspective style.

The Informal Writing Style

Contrary to the formal writing style, the informal style facilitates the writer with the liberty to write in a personal, emotive, casual or contracted style.
It is important to create an academic writing style depending on your purpose, i.e., if you choose to publish your findings in a peer reviewed or accredited journals, it is necessary that you create a blend of styles. There are three main components that require extraordinary attention if you plan to create your own academic writing style. These components are linguistic, quality, character, tone and sentence construction that are briefly discussed below.
  • Framing

    "Framing" is a term commonly used to explain the meaning of words as well as phrases, and its unique influence on diverse people. Therefore, most academic writing styles employ a neutral gender language and pluralizing of gender. Additionally, it is recommended to use formal language to present your ideas and perspectives; it is good to be tentative (probable) and cautious in the way you present your results, and to be liberal in the use of punctuation that aids in understanding complex information.
  • Tone

    Tone represents the way you show your information and this suggests that you must be as objective as possible when presenting analytical or statistical data. Overall, you must remain unbiased in your presentation of your data. It is important to remember that when you are persuading the reader to be convinced of your arguments, you must focus on being objective and not base on your personal opinion.
  • Sentence Construction

    When it comes to sentence construction, you must try to convey your arguments in a direct, clear and brief way. The best way to ensure that the reader is having a clear understanding of what is being presented is to create a simple and clear sentence that addresses the topic of discussion. Finally, the right series of words within a sentence is important and the smooth flow of ideas is governed by your clarity and understanding of the topic.
One must try and avoid using everyday expressions, slang, grammatical mistakes, and repetition of words, vague ideas and inappropriate words in your academic paper. The structure must consist of complete sentences, ideas that are carefully described in paragraphs or sections, perfect grammar and no typographical mistakes. The most important thing would be to showcase your strengths like your depth and understanding of the subject, an analytical approach, and your skill to influence information and a quick and precise answer to a specific question.
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