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How to make your essay interesting and unique

Jan 15, 2013
When you write an essay, always believe you are actually speaking to the reader. And understand, it is a monologue. If you are serious about your reader not dozing off through your essay, it is essential you make it as interesting and as dramatic as you possibly can - unless of course your topic is an utterly serious one that commands a dull tone.
To make your essay stand out, startle the reader with the unexpected. And there is no better way to do this than with an out of the line analogy, that slowly builds the context for the actual topic or an unknown fact on the topic that will raise the interest levels. 'The leftovers in an average McDonald restaurant over a month, can feed a home in Somalia for over a year', is a good line that will make your reader take notice. Using analogies like 'Water is transparent, Water is flexible, Water has a high boiling point. So does your management', is a unique way of starting your essays that will explain your point easily to your reader while ensuring he or she takes notice.
This way, the first paragraph should ensure you grab the attention of the user. This is called 'The Opening'. It is important that you state the central idea of your topic immediately after the opening, while transitioning smoothly from the analogy to the central statement. End the paragraph with a quick overview of what is going to come ahead, so that you set the context.
Now that you got the attention of the reader, over the next few paragraphs ensure you drill your arguments through with credible facts and lucid examples that stand by your points and convince the reader on the central idea.
Post this, it is critical you end well and seal the deal through a great ending. The ending should relate to the opening by bringing back the analogy or relating back to the fact. The conclusion should be crisp, insightful and thought provoking so that the reader takes back something from the essay and leaves with a good feeling.
To summarize, your essay should have a great impactful beginning that creates a sense of suspense or interest in the reader, smoothly move into the central idea, well supported by supporting ideas with good credible examples that concludes with a strong statement while using the opening to make a complete structure.
While a good structure and content are the backbone of the essay what will really make it stand out are finer points that include selecting the right topic, sound analysis backed by good research, enthusiasm in writing and finishing touches like formatting checks. Let us elaborate on these to get a better grasp on how to make your essays bounce out of the text.

The Right Topic

Not always do you get a chance to select the topic but wherever possible, ensure the topic is interesting and appealing to the majority of the readers. They usually look forward to topics they haven't heard of altogether, current controversies, topics that people often debate on, with no definite right solution or a definite right side, is inspirational or something that allows the reader to enjoy reading.

Good Research

Once a good topic is selected, don't jump into your essay. Do ample research on the topic to ensure you understand the topic well and are able to support your points with the right examples. Don't restrict yourself to one source like a book or even a library and expand to cover the Internet, opinions of respected individuals in the related fields. Quoting people always adds to the credibility of your point and interests the reader.

Sound Analysis

Once you gather all your information, unless you analyze it, establish the right logical relations and draw interesting conclusions, the reader is just being thrown information that he or she might as well have picked up from the sources. Analysis will provoke the reader's thoughts and ignites interest in the essay.

Enthusiasm in Writing

Enthusiasm is infectious and the more enthusiastic you are while writing, the more enthusiastic your readers will be. The way you arrange your words and the mood you are in while writing has a direct impact on the mood you will trigger in your reader. This goes a long way in ensuring your essay looks better and just feels nicer than those of others.


Once you are through with your essay, revise it and check for any improvements you can make in formatting, this could mean changing the way a sentence is written, altering a word that doesn't sound right or including a new example that makes more sense. Check on punctuation and grammar as mistakes can really put the reader off.

Interesting Examples

The examples you bring into your essay has a big impact on how the reader takes the writing. Examples and inferences should be exciting, fun or thought provoking. Examples that directly connect with the reader have more appeal than those that the user cannot relate to. Examples should also be credible and easy to verify. Quoting the sources of examples through footnotes is a great way of gaining that credibility and establishing authenticity.

Crisp writing

Most essays are long and lack the impact because of long sentences and redundancy. A little effort from your side to make sure your writing is crisp and to the point will go a long way in winning over the reader, making him want to read more. In the end, understand the reader is not looking for how big the essay is but the arguments you make in it and the way you present the topic.
Essay writing is not just about writing on a topic with a word limit that is time bound. It is about beautiful writing, writing that will bring out ideas that hit the reader smooth yet deep, and will trigger the right feelings in the reader once the essay ends. Employing these techniques will go a long way in making certain that the goal of writing an essay that is different, unique and interesting is achieved.
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