How To Create An Efficient PPT

How To Create An Efficient PPT (Power Point Presentation): adding pictures and animations guide

The Power Point presentations are meant for the better understandings of the audience. When you are working in a professional environment and you want to convey a message to masses, the PPT presentations are the best way to do it. When making a presentation, you want to make it efficient and easy to understand. There are certain constraints which must be taken under consideration such as the knowledge of the audience on the relative subject, their level of understanding and the environment. Multimedia items such as pictures and animations can be really effective in making an efficient PPT presentations. Images and graphical illustrations are always easy to understand. Similarly, the moving objects such as animations are helpful in generating better understanding amongst the audience.

Why Do You Want To Add Pictures And Animations To Your Presentations

First step that you need to do when considering usage of pictures and animation in presentations is the purpose of it. Based on the experience and evidence, it has been observed that pictures and animations have a potential value in developing better understanding amongst the audience. Depending on the age, level of education and the level of understanding of your audience, the multimedia can be used in the presentations for the following reasons.
  • Multimedia in presentations can help to raise the level of interest for the audience. Most people appreciate variety of media.
  • Sometimes the pictures and graphical illustrations can enhance the understanding of the audience. For Example, the graphs are always better to help the audience understand the result of a survey then giving them the reading in text.
  • Images and graphics are better to remember for the audience as compared to text data. If you want your audience to remember what you have presented in different slides, then multimedia can play an important role.
Despite all these positives of the multimedia usage in a presentation, it must be understood that unnecessary stuffing of the presentations with pictures and animations can distract the audience from the main topic. Therefore, even if you want to use the multimedia for the better understanding of the audience, you must use it with care. You should make a proper plan for your presentations based on the type of your audience.

Technique to Use Pictures and Animations In Your Presentations Effectively:

Prepare a Proper Plan

Being prepared for your audience is the key to effective communication with them. When you are giving a PPT presentation, you are mostly trying to deliver a message or idea to a group of people. All of these people can have a different level of understanding and knowledge of the subject. It is your job to use such illustrations that all of them can understand your message at once. If even a single person loses attention, he might cause distractions to others as well. Therefore, you should plan for your audience in such a way that you can grab the attention of all the people present in front of you.

Use The PowerPoint as a Tool For Effective Delivery

When you are to present in an educational or a professional environment, you always have the accessibility to various presentation tools such as Slideware or PowerPoint. Suppose if you pick Powerpoint, then you should use it effectively as a tool to make your presentation simple yet interesting. It provides you with many options such as adding animation to your text and headings, adding pictures and other multimedia objects to your presentations, etc. You should have total command over these options and use it effectively when needed. The purpose of adding multimedia to your presentation is to make it easy to learn and understand. Therefore, do not use it in a way that it confuses the audience. Rather keep it simple and interesting.

Do Not Rob Yourself From The Opportunity To Be Flexible

The objects such as pictures or graphs and animations are induced in the presentations to make it easy to understand. People do not find it interesting to read long textual data from the slides during presentations. Therefore, it is better if you can make them understand the message through images and graphical illustrations. However, you must leave enough space for you to be flexible in the presentations. As they say, it is a poor technique to read from the slides. Rather just, add bullets or headings to the slides and speak the rest. Similarly, when you are using images and objects in the slides, you have to make sure that you have enough words to elaborate on the slide even with the images and graphics. If you pass the slides quietly, the audience might still be involved with the slides, but you will lose their attention as a speaker.

Use The Pictures and Animations To Prevent Your Slides From Boring Your Audience

Slides can be boring for the audience to stare at for long and they might not be able to pay attention for long. You can use the pictures and animations to keep your slides interesting. Your topic might be dry but, the pictures and movement on the screen can help you to keep the interest of your audience alive. Sometimes the topic you are presenting is complex and it might drain your audience in a while if they are not able to understand it. The purpose of the presentation is to make an audience understand a certain topic. Hence, you should use pictures and animations to deliver a complex topic in a simple and interesting way. So that the audience does not get bore, and yet understand the point that you are trying to make.
These simple techniques can help you to use the animation and pictures in your PowerPoint presentations for the better understanding of the audience. However, unnecessary stuffing of multimedia in your presentations can ruin it. You should have a clear insight of both your audience and the topic you are presenting, and then use the pictures and animations only where it is needed.

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