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common mistakes in persuasive essay

Avoid common mistakes in writing a persuasive essay

Aug 18, 2012 - Posted to  Essay Writing
A persuasive essay implies the use of logic and reason to present your case. It is also known as an argumentative essay. When writing a persuasive essay you should demonstrate that your ideas on a particular topic are more valid than those previously presented.
There are series of mistakes that make your persuasive essay fall flat. If you make these mistakes, you can loose any chance of ever convincing your readers to take your side.

Non persuasiveness

A persuasive essay should be strongly written. Your main goal here is to be persuasive. State your arguments and leave no room for your readers to think otherwise. Non persuasiveness is a trap that is commonly fallen into by students and new writers. Your style of writing tells your readers whether they should take you serious or not. A non persuasive essay is the one without valid proof and facts. You should research your given topic deeply by consulting good books and on-line sources. You may even go an extra mile by consulting known experts on the topic. Think of persuasive essay as an advert. The eventual result is to get your readers on your side.

Non - debatable topic

The second mistake to avoid is choosing a non debatable topic. An example of a non debatable topic is "the sun rises every morning". Everybody knows the fact and there is nothing to depate about. Choose a topic like this and you stand the chance of losing the confidence of your audience forever. If you to choose a hair-raising topic like "capital punishment should be abolished", then you are sure of gathering few followers. The topic is so debatable that you will literally have readers waiting to take your side. Remember that your aim here is to help solve an unsolved problem. Bring real facts into the essay and try not to use emotions

Research and organization

Another mistake to avoid is lack of proper research and poor organization of your essay. Before starting a persuasive essay, it is pertinent that you research to get a firm understanding of what you intend to write about. You should be able to show your readers an argument based on the examples so as to refute the opposing argument. A hallmark of poorly researched essay is lack of references, lack of coordination and general untidiness of the essay. Sometimes, the essay might have a superb introduction only for the body to lack any form of substance. When organising your essay it is good to remember to include events in a chronological order. Let your arguments be sequential. Naturally your readers want to see a natural flow of events.
It is easy to get carried away while writing your essay if you fail to organise your work. An organised persuasive essay should always have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should capture the reader's attention. The body should be used to present your facts. The conclusion should formally state your opinion. Avoid these common mistakes and you would keep yourself away from a lot of problems.
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