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How to Create a Title Page for an Academic Piece

The general rules of title page creation don't look as complicated as they seemed before you checked them, right? But you still must be careful and attentive when working on your first title page since it's easy to make many mistakes. Then, of course, we'll give you more detailed information on how the essay cover pages should look in different formatting styles. However, it's not the only way we can assist you.

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How to Create a Title Page for an Academic Piece

Initially, you will not find samples of cover pages for every type of written piece. It relies on the style you have guided to create your essay. Further, you have to consider all the formatting areas at times but a title page. On the contrary, some types of academic writing require following the specific title page sample.

There is no doubt that the cover page is the face of your written work, so you should create it properly to follow the style of the entire paper. Thus, it needs to be error-free and show the imperative information.

An excellent cover page has to include this information:

  1. The student's name.
  2. Date of submission.
  3. The academic essay's title.
  4. Name of the course.
  5. Name of the tutor.

If you begin each line from the right side of the left margin, it will add more value to your title page and make it more readable. Another secret is selecting the right font and the type size. You do not have to choose creative fonts as they only distract from reading. Trust the good old 12-point Times New Roman. Remember that the fonts on the title page and throughout the written work must match.

If the professor did not prohibit the use of pictures and highlighting, select the appropriate image. At the same time, check that it matches the topic of the essay and is not out of context (for example, due to size or brightness). The same goes for color highlighting. Use it only for really important information but do not overdo it. Your instructor would not appreciate it and reduce your grade.

In addition, all information on the title page must be trustworthy and not cause unnecessary questions or suspicions. Also, be careful and do not make mistakes when typing the text. A professor may not like mistakes in the title of a subject, a course of study, or the topic of academic writing. Now let's go through the main formats of the title page design.

An APA Essay Title Page

In this case, your title page has to show very limited information. The most common set is the name, an essay's topic, and institutional affiliation. Also, remember that the page header in the APA essay is slightly different from the rest of the writing. Therefore, you must include a shortened version of the document's title in capital letters (maximum of 50 characters). A cover page also excludes the page number, which is unnecessary in the APA essay paper.

Formatting the MLA Essay Cover Page

So, we are done with the APA style. Let's move on to the most confusing format (according to the students). Many learners believe that MLA style requires a title page. It is far from the truth - this format does not include a title page. Instead, the first page of an MLA essay has to specify the student's name, the supervisor's name and degree, the title of the course, and the due date for the written piece. Only then does the essay's title and the actual text come.

MLA guidelines are not so demanding as the APA ones, but you need to follow them if you expect to get a high grade on your written piece.

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A Few Words About Essay Title Page Chicago Style

Chicago pieces are somewhat less common than the previous two formatting options. However, sooner or later, you will be forced to write a Chicago-style paper in college or university. Therefore, it is worth remembering the rules for designing the title page since it is the first thing your tutor will see. The Chicago essay cover page needs to grab the reader's attention at first sight, which will undoubtedly affect the final grade. Here are our tips on how to do the formatting best.

  • There is no page number on the Chicago title page.
  • Start typing the text one-third down the page.
  • Remember to use the most widespread academic fonts (e.g., Times New Roman).
  • You should match the font size on the cover page and the essay body. For example, consider using the 12-point font for a cover page text.
  • Double-space your title page (like the entire Chicago style paper) unless your instructor requires different formatting for your written piece.
  • Use the center alignment for the text.
  • A Chicago essay is straightforward if you follow the fonts and spacing rules. But still, keep in mind your professor's requirements. In most cases, you should add your name, professor's name, and the title of the course to your cover page. However, the name of the college or university, the deadline, and other details may also be required.

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