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Difficulties in writing a book report
book report, difficulties in writing

Difficulties in writing a book report

Oct 01, 2012
A book report gives the account of a book. The aim is to present the ideas found in the book as objectively as possible. It gives the reader an idea of what the book is all about. It presents readers with the option of reading the book or not. A book report presents the structure and content of a book objectively. It provides the summary of the book as well an analysis of the structure of the book. Writing a book report should be a straight forward affair. However, some difficulties may arise if the correct structure is not followed. Some of the difficulties of writing a book report may be found in the bibliographic information, analysis of structure, summary of content, subject and thesis statement, classification on the basis of the author's intention, classification on the basis of the kind of book and background information.

Bibliographic information

The bibliographic information should give the details about the author. It is usually found in the title page under the bibliographic information. The name of the author, name and title of the book, date of publication, edition, number of pages and any book subtitle if any. Knowing how to correctly structure the bibliographic information is often a problem. When writing your bibliography, be sure that all the information above are inputted. Bibliographic information gives your audience something to go by. It gives them the name and information of the book and author you intend to write about.

Summary of content

Writing the summary of content shouldn't be too difficult if the writer of the book report took the time to read the book in question. The summary gives a brief overview of what the book is about. It gives readers the byline of the book. It provides the basis of the work. A good summary should be able to tell readers what the book is all about without going too deep about the book. The difficulty here is that some writers often give too much information here in their bid to convince their audience they know much about the book. To write a good summary, the writer should concentrate on the salient points of the book. You don't need to do an expository essay on the book to give your readers an overview of the book.

Classification on the basis of the author's intention

It is difficult for new writers to classify the author's intention. To get over this difficulty, first get a firm grasp of the message the author is trying to pass along. Try to understand the book from his point of view. Pay special attention to any emphasis made in any part of the book. This emphasis might be pointers to the author's emotions. Now that you have an idea of where the author is coming from, make your classification of the book based on this intention.

Classification based on the book

For a book report to be successful, the writer needs to classify the type of book he is writing a report on. Classification may be based on science, arts, crafts, literature, philosophy and even Law. There are several book classifications. Fnd out what classification the books falls under and keep writing a report.
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