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Difficulties in editing a thesis on Business
Editing a thesis on Business

Difficulties in editing a thesis on Business

Aug 29, 2012
Writing a Business thesis can be a rewarding experience. It can be rewarding in the sense that when you know how to structure your thesis, you stand to gain valuable marks that will propel you in the academic ladder. The difficulties that often arise from writing a Business based thesis is the inability of the student to correctly put to paper all that is expected from him. To write a successful thesis on Business, one must know the rudiments of a Business course.
A business course can be Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics, Business administration and even Accountancy. These are all disciplines that are in one way or another interwoven into the faculty of Business.
Writing a successful Business thesis also requires that you narrow down your topic to a particular discipline. It is not enough to decide to write a Business thesis on Business. Business as a topic is very broad and cannot be covered by a single thesis. Decide in time which discipline you are expected to base your thesis paper on. Deciding on a discipline is often not enough as a single discipline can also be too broad a topic to cover. Narrow down your topic to a single familiar topic within a discipline and you are good to go.
After deciding on a topic for your thesis, it is expected that you make use of the academic writing experiences gathered so far in your academic endeavor to write a convincing thesis. If you happen to be unsure of how to write your thesis, now would be good time to consult your tutor or teachers. They may provide valuable insight that will help you write a convincing thesis.
Editing your completed thesis often presents a problem to the unsuspecting student. It all boils down to knowing how to write your thesis. These are a few of the things to look out for whilst editing your business thesis paper.


While you edit your thesis, be sure to adhered to the recommended word count. If you exceed the word count you may be penalized. Even though you made good points in your thesis, they will not count as you will lose valuable marks for breaking this rule. The next thing to look out for is the recommended font size. The usual font size recommended for all Business related thesis paper is 12 pt forward. The spacing is usually double spacing or 1.5 spacing. Check with your tutor for this information.


It is good to remember to correct all grammatical errors that appeared in your Business thesis. It is best to use Business related jargons to structure your grammar. Avoid using a medical jargon for a Business thesis. You will only loose valuable mark for doing this.


It is a good idea any day to read through your completed thesis several times before submission. This will give you a fresh perspective and help you correct any mistake that you previously overlooked. If in doubt, get your thesis to be read by a second party prior to submission. This fresh pair of eyes will be in better position to point out errors that you previously missed the first time. Be sure to ask your reviewr to check for formatting and grammatical errors. You might be surprised at how much you missed.
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