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Definition Essay Topics
Definition Essay Topics

Definition Essay Topics

Oct 02, 2012
As the term 'definition' indicates, Definition essays are supposed to define, explain and throw light on a chosen term or subject. While some definition essay topics such as table, trees, glass and vehicles are concrete in nature, many definition essay topics such as love, honor and honesty are abstract in nature, and depend largely on the perspective of the writer. Before we go ahead and help you with some interesting definition essay topics, it is good to know that a good definition essay not only defines, but also helps the reader with clear and fundamental information on the topic with the help of examples, facts, anecdotes and similar elements.
Read on to lay your hand on some attention-grabbing definition essay topics:


In this definition essay, students should attempt to define 'ambition' by describing what it actually implies or means. As mentioned above, you can try to explain it by using understandable facts, examples and anecdotes. You can also help the readers understand by using relevant examples and anecdotes in your essay.


Students can set up a definition essay on abortion by expressing their thoughts on abortion. They can either write in favor of, or against the practice, but should support their thoughts with relevant examples and facts. Students can also discuss and define different types abortive practices existing in our society to make their point.

Animal Rights

Majority of the people are of the opinion that animals exist to fulfill the greater purpose of the humans, and that they do not have their own purpose or rights. However in this essay, students should take stand that animals do not solely for our use, and that we should treat animals with compassion and should not take undue advantage of them.


The recent two decades have seen a huge surge in the popularity of treatment of severe acne that is precisely called Accutane. Accutane was approved by the FDA in 1982, and has since been tried by millions of people worldwide. There is no two ways about the fact that it is the most powerful treatment for acne, especially as it can clear acne after just one course of treatment; however, it is also a fact that Accutane has severe side effects that can have damaging impact on the lives of people. This definition essay discusses all this and much more...

The American Dream

This definition essay helps the reader with information on the American dream. However, this essay is quite abstract in nature, especially as the American dream means different things to different people. While some perceive the realization of American dream as a good job and financial stability, some other perceive it as a balanced life and the ability to meet ones wants and desires. There are some people who perceive it as the prospect of creating a unique and successful identity for them in the society...


Bioethics is often equated with ethics and medical ethics; however, contrary to the popular belief, bioethics is quite different from ethics per se, and refers to normal ethical theory, which inadvertently can be defined as a theory that takes a specific stand on a particular topic or subject. For instance, on a topic such as cloning or abortion. This essay discusses bioethics in details...

Capital Punishment

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting definition essay topic as it attracts different views and definitions from different strata of the society. Simply put, capital punishment is defined as death penalty for a crime. However, there is much more discussion to this definition essay as it stirs different opinions from people. Here is a discussion...


Male circumcision has been a topic of debate since times immemorial. This definition essay on circumcision throws light on this intriguing topic and facilitates readers with information on how this practice came into existence, and if it is really required.


Charisma is that unique quality of a person that attracts others to him/her. However, it is a quality that is often difficult to define. Some people are born with charisma and also know how to use this quality to their optimum advantage. Some of the famous personalities who are known to possess incredible charisma are Steve Jobs, Napoleon and Ir.Soekarno. This essay gives a fundamental explanation of this attribute as a subject.


Feminism is a very abstract topic, as different individuals tend to have different definition for this social theory or political motivation. Whatever it may be, no one can deny the fact that feminism is almost always about the experiences of women in this world. This definition essay explains it all...


Humor can be defined as a tendency of some individuals to look at the things from a comical or witty angle. Humor is an attribute that makes even most serious things or happenings laughable and amusing. However, what is humorous for someone can be quite a serious issue for somebody else, and hence it would not be wrong to say that humor, more often than not, is a state of mind...


People, all over the world are classified on the basis of religion, nationality, race and social standing. And it is very common for people to discriminate people on the basis of these aspects. In today's era, when people many of us are fighting for equal rights and opportunities, there is no dearth of people who like to discriminate. Read on to find more about discrimination.


Ego is an inner force that drives or directs an individual to keep its supremacy intact. Needless to mention, a person's behavior or personality is affected by this attribute. However, it would not be wrong to say that ego can work wonders for your personality, provided one knows when to take advantage from it...


Optimism is often defined as the tendency of individuals to look at the brighter side of things or situations. It is an attribute that majority of us possess and optimism is what keeps us going even in the toughest hours of our life. Needless to mention, optimism is something that can have a huge positive impact on your life, and has the potential to make you a winner in whatever you do. This definition essays discusses and explains this topic in detail...


This essay helps readers with a definition of Imperialism and how the term is still relevant in the current political situation of the world. This definition essay discusses how imperialism affected the lives of the people of the countries that were colonized as well the people of the countries who ruled over their colonies...
While attempting to write a definition essay, it is essential that you choose a topic that you are familiar with. Needless to mention, if you have personal experience related to the chosen topic, you will have an edge over other students, and will have a chance of scoring better grades than your peers.
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