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Definition essay: 5 steps to succeed
Definition essay

Definition essay: 5 steps to succeed

Dec 13, 2012
Through the definition essay we are helping the readers understand a topic better. In a definition essay, writing should be very systematic and in such a way that even a first time reader should be able to understand it without much difficulty. An effective definition helps in effective communication; thus a proper definition essay should convey its purpose. Here are five simple and crisp tips for you to prepare a successful definition essay.

Step 1

This is the introduction step and one has to make the extra effort to create the necessary impression on the readers. Since the intensity of the writing differs from topic to topic, you must choose your topic carefully. Writing a definition essay on a 'stone' or 'nail' differs from writing a definition essay on 'love' or 'hurt'. One must have a thorough understanding of the topic that one is going to attempt in his/her definition essay. This is especially crucial because clarity means a lot in a definition essay.
Gather maximum information about your topic. A thesis statement about the topic can be produced here. To start with, explain about the exact meaning of your topic. For this, you can also point out what your topic is exactly not about. This will help in bringing in clear idea about the topic to the readers. The introduction step should lure your readers to read the entire essay. A small outline of your topic can also be introduced. Try to impress with an engaging introduction and assure the readers that your definition essay is going to present them with valuable information.

Step 2

In this step, your objective should be to come out of the introduction and slowly move deep into the topic. Detailed explanation about the topic can be given in this step. General definition, synonym and antonym can be narrated. Examples and case studies relating to the topic can be cited here to make the writing interesting and realistic. Adding real life examples and comparing with quotes would make the purpose of the essay an easy one. This will also help the readers to apply the definition. Keep in mind that you are not the first person to write about the topic you have chosen. So be determined in producing a new and unique definition essay. This does not mean that you can write something that is irrelevant to the topic. Try and be creative and adding a fresh perspective to a fairly popular point, thus adding zing and appeal to your essay. While giving detailed explanation about the topic, be sure that you stay on the main line of the topic without any deviation.

Step 3

This step must be the deepest part of your topic. The continuity thread of the step 2 should not be missed in this step. Organize this part of your essay in such a way that it explains every small and relevant detail about your topic. The flow of the essay should not be disturbed. You should be especially cautious to not generalize the topic in this step. Try to avoid writing very well known and common incidents. Be very specific in what you are trying to tell through this essay. Analyze all the significant details such as origin, shape, structure, color, feel, function, etc. It is advisable that you highlight all the major facts and evidences associated with your topic in this area. Undoubtedly, this is the best part to show the personality and style of your essay, so don't limit your thoughts and ideas.

Step 4

Rather than being a personal commentary on a topic, a definition essay is a more specific, interesting and surely an authentic piece of information. Use this step to blend your imagination and creativity with information and produce a compelling piece of writing. Even if you are discussing a dry subject, you must ensure that reading it is a pleasure for the readers. Relevant information, when stated with enthusiastic stories, quotes and examples will make your writing interesting. This will help the readers to rely on the essay for more information on the chosen topic. Discuss the disparity of the topic here and add points or facts that will strengthen your topic. The cause and effects of the topic can also be discussed. Don't forget to emphasize on the outline of the topic you mentioned in the first step.

Step 5

This is the last step of the definition essay. This part of the essay is also very important, especially as it bestows your essay with the desired finishing touch, which in turn will help your writing acquire a desired place in the reader's heart.
A good conclusion leaves readers with an image of how the definition must be applied. Be extra cautious in writing this last step of the essay. The essence of all the above steps can be combined here. You can sum up the main points of the topic and give a nut-shell-information on the essay. Conclusion should be conveyed in such a manner that the readers feel an association between the essay and its purpose. It also should convince the readers and help them with a thorough insight into the topic.
Last but not the least; let the essay be simple, concise, meaningful as well as useful. Do not use difficult and complicated terms in defining a notion. Read your essay a couple of time to identify all spelling and grammatical errors, if any. Proofread and edit the work to make it perfect. Use several sources to stress on points that justify your take on the concept/topic, at the same time, ensure that your explanation of the topic is logical. Pay due attention to the desired word count and length of your essay as most examiners are likely to check if you have managed to express yourself efficiently within the desired word-count.
If you follow the tips and suggestions mentioned in the five steps mentioned above, then you are most likely to write an essay that is appealing, compelling as well as successful.
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