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Business Case Study Writing - Relevant Sources To Use

A business case study is a document that is prepared to convince or influence a decision-maker, to get his approval for a business idea or some other kind of action. A business case study can lead to lay the basis for a new business development in an organization. If you look at any pre-planned business development by a Company, it is the business case study where it actually all begins. It means that if a strong case study is presented for any business idea, then the idea must itself have strong potential. If you are unable to emphasis on the importance and potential of a business plan in a case study, then the chances of it being successful also lack. Therefore, you will see that if a business case study is weak and fails to impress the reader then your idea might not be approved, even if the idea has a potential. A business idea depends totally on the case study for its approval.

What Is The Relevant Source For A Business Case Study

There are various organizational and social issues related to the development and implementation of a business plan. Writing a Business case study is the last step of the procedure. The planning for the business plan starts from the background research. This research is done with the relevant sources. A relevant source is the one, which is related to the business situation on organizational and social levels. The persons doing the Business case study research must be aware of the quality research method such as case study research, action research and ethnography. The focus of the research for the business plan should be to understand the cultural context and natural environment. The relevant research done for the Business case study must be able to help the decision-maker develop an understanding of the interactions between the market & business innovations and organizational environment. The sources chosen for the background research on the business case study should be centered on different philosophical and organizational preferences that might be adopted.

What is The Purpose Of The Using The Relevant Research Sources For A Business Case Study

The business case study is the base for the foundation of a successful implementation of a business plan. Similarly, the relevant sources used for the research of the business case study are the base for the foundation of an effective business case study. There are a lot of difficulties and hurdles related to implementation and development of business plan. There can be various issues related to the practical application of the business plan in market. Similarly, there are various practical difficulties related to the business plan as well. The purpose of the business plan study is to exploit all these issues. Therefore, it is necessary that relevant social, environmental and market issues to the business plans are observed and analyzed, during the research for a business case study. Scenarios related to the business plans, which have already been implemented should be studies and data should be collected to observe if the implementation of the business idea is both feasible and possible.

Recommended Procedure For The Research In Relevant Sources For Business Case Study

An analytical strategy should be used to evaluate the data from the relevant sources for the Business case study. There are various views relative to a particular business case study and all of these must be closely observed before writing a business case study. Once you have picked the scenarios and examples related to a particular business case, then the data selected can be analyzed in following steps:
  • Examination
  • Categorization
  • Tabulation
  • Selecting Valuable Evidence
The researcher must be aware that the data must be combined in a way to address the basic proposition of the study. It is a fact that research methodology is one of the least developed aspects in the case study process. The researchers should use various methods of interpretations and present the evidence in various ways. They should use the research that is done before and learn from the experience of the relative business plans that are implemented before it. There are tons of literature that can be found on almost all the business plan implementations and developments done in the past that provide a valuable source of information for the researchers preparing an effective business case study. The investigation for the Business case study should be done on general analytic strategies. A proper pattern matching, explanation-building and time-series analysis should be done of the scenarios that are chosen as the relevant sources of research for this case study.

Effectiveness & Limitations of The Relevant Sources For Research

It must be realized that not all the research done for the business case study is lend to a statistical analysis. Often, in attempt to make a study conductive the development of other relative aspects of the study are effected. If such an issue arises, there are various research methods that should be used to make the point more clear for the reader, as the purpose of the study is to help the reader make the right decision, not to confuse him. Therefore, the frequency of events should be tabulated and information should be ordered in such a way that reader could understand the relativity between the discussed scenarios.
It is a fact that research in the relative sources for the business case study writing is really influential in developing and implementing of the case study and also its usage in the field. However, the available of the suitable case study data might not be under access of the researcher, as many companies do not like to share the research that they have done. Therefore, it gets difficult for the researcher to design a study under a scope such as it insures that the research questions are adequately and accurately answered. Similarly, if you have limited access to the results of the studies done before, it becomes time-consuming and tedious to collect all the relative data and valuable information needed for your research.

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