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How to write Review of a New Movie

Dec 14, 2012 - Posted to  Book Report, Review Writing
Writing a movie review is the best way to express your opinion on the movie while detailing the key factors of the movie. Your review on the movie will help the reader determine if he/she should watch the movie. It is very important that the review is informative as well as entertaining; however, it should not reveal the main plot of the movie. Your thoughts should be expressed in an effective way so that the reader gets the message across.
Though most of us think that one should have professional experience as a director or editor to write a review of a new movie, it is good to know that while such an experience is desirable, it is not mandatory to have such experience to attempt movie review writing. It is more important that you are well aware of the aspects of the movie and are well informed about the technical aspects of the movie, before you start writing the review of a new movie. Below are few points that will help you write a review of a new movie.

Watch the movie

Needless to say, watching the movie is the very first thing that you have to do in order to write a review of the movie. However, watching the movie just with the intention of being able to write a review after watching it is a little different. Ensure that you do not get distracted and try to watch the movie in an environment that is more relaxed, and familiar to you. To get more detail and critical aspects of the movie, it is recommended that you watch the movie twice. It is good if you take notes while watching the movie for the second time so that you have all the key points handy when you start writing the review of the new movie.

Put the facts together

Gather as much information as possible about the movie such as the director of the movie, lead actors, the setting, overview of the plot, genre, etc. Such information will help you form the introduction of your review of the movie. Any information related to the story, technical details, music theme of the movie has to be kept handy by the time you start writing the review.


The introduction of the review is often referred to as 'Lead' and it is the most important part of the review, especially as it intends to draw the reader's attention and compel the reader to move into the body of the review. While writing the introduction, you have to give a broad outline on the importance of the film and the highlight the source of inspiration for the film, like a novel or a real life incident if any. Any distinguished feature such as a social cause or theme has to be mentioned here. The introduction of your review should be a brief summary of the movie and should express your point of view.


The series or the pattern of the main events of the film can be termed as the plot of the movie. You have to be careful while summarizing the key events of the movie so that you will not reveal the suspense of the plot. It is recommended that you do not summarize all the events of the plot and leave an element of mystery, encouraging the readers to see the movie to unfold the mystery.


Make a list of the most important and interesting characters of the movie while evaluating and assessing the strengths as well as weaknesses of those characters. Depending upon the character's contribution to the plot and the importance of the character in the movie, you might want to evaluate and discuss minor characters too. You can write about how the characters are introduced and how the characters interact with each other. While writing the review of new movies that have popular actors, you might want to discuss their performance or compare their acting and roles in their other movies. You can also discuss about the casting and selecting the stars for certain characters.

Technical Aspects

The radically evolving technology over the years has changed the movie viewing experience and also has a great impact in the making of certain movies. The director's expertise and movie making skills can now easily be evaluated by assessing the technical effects of the movie. There are many technical aspects of the movie and you can discuss about the most important ones that contribute towards the improvement of the movie. The usage of camera, various shots and angles are the basic technical aspects that you can write about. Another important aspect that can be discussed is editing. Editing is very important as it builds the sequence of the scenes and helps in the appropriate narration and flow of the movie. In movies that are based on fantasies, animation and science fiction, the use of special effects and graphics plays an important role and you can discuss these details.
It is recommended that you pay attention to details and be more specific with examples while discussing the effects. Other aspects that you can discuss are the sound effects and music. Try to analyze the contribution of music and the overall background score to the movie viewing experience and be confident about your opinion. Always use examples to the maximum possible extent to support your views and opinions on the technical aspects of the movie. Since you are writing review of a new movie, it is recommended that you do not reveal the suspense or mystery of the plot.


By the time you begin to write the conclusion of your review, you would have already discussed in detail about various elements and technical aspects of the movie and expressed your view on the contribution of these aspects to the improvement of the movie. While concluding your review you have to summarize the effects of the technical aspects, plot, sound and characters on the movie. You can also discuss how each of these effects complements the other to enhance the movie experience while summarizing your views and opinion on the movie. Before submitting the review, do not forget to read it twice and edit the grammatical and spelling errors.
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