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Academic Writing Essays: Writing Tips to Succeed

A good academic essay expresses your views and knowledge on the subject to the reader in a simple and clear way. It is important to remember that your style of academic writing essays should communicate your ideas with clear preciseness and a balanced approach on the chosen subject. A good academic essay must have a continuous flow with a clear line of thought preferably constructed in different obvious paragraphs. It should involve an argument in response to a belief or proposition with supplementary evidence that you will utilize subsequently for necessary analysis to reach your conclusion. The conclusion should be arrived by pulling together the threads of your essays.
Before you proceed to prepare for the subject, look carefully at the topic - give emphasis on the specific aspects that you need to cover in your writing. Select your reading carefully. Read for necessary information and constantly check that you have understood what you have read. When you are satisfied that you have read enough to understand the major issues, write down the major points of your academic essay. These points must be informative and explain every aspect of the essay topic. If you can do this satisfactorily, focus on the composure of the article body.
Get your thoughts organized and write an outline, prepare the list of points that you wish to make in your essay in a sensible logical manner. The academic writing essays should contain real information, facts and evidence to support your view. You must include necessary footnotes as evidence in support of your analysis and observation. The writing style should complement the subject of the topic and observe all the rules of writing for that particular discipline. Write what first comes in to your mind, this need not be the final product - nor it must meet the length requirements. Break up your thoughts into paragraphs. Each point of your thought should be described in its own separate paragraph. Different paragraphs should be created for different points. Your process of reaching conclusion should follow a pattern - 'Claim' followed by 'Evidence' & at the last concluded by 'Impact'. Claim is a statement the impact of which becomes acceptable when it gets certified by evidence.
There is no general guideline concerning writing academic essays that works well for every writer. However, several general strategies have been identified amongst effective writers; they are described in the following.

Tips for successful academic essay writing

  • Simple miscellaneous observations on a subject or topic are not enough. Your academic essay should contain an argument. It must answer some related important questions with evidence, data and reasoning with apt examples.
  • Your first effort in academic writing essays should be to formulate the exact relevant questions that you are attempting to answer in your essay. Next, develop the right process of thinking and expressing your views in a hypothetical manner before reaching the final conclusion in a well presented manner.
  • It should be written in a formal style. Avoid the use of contractions like "it's," "aren't", don't", etc. Stay away from cliches and subjective descriptions and use of first person. Write in simple plain language.
  • The way you interpret and use the evidences in support of your view is really important. A model paragraph constructed below will illustrate this clearly:
    • Introduce your claim in own words
    • Introduce evidence in support of your claim.
    • Explain with critical analysis why this evidence is relevant to support your claim.
    • Explain how your analysis proves your point.
  • Never use any words or jargons in your academic essay that you half understand. Academic discipline appreciates a detailed use of fine-grained language in correct grammar, punctuation and syntax. Never try to impress them by the use of complicated words and sentences. Be precise and make sure that you know exactly what you are arguing about.
  • Do not merely reproduce what you think will be appreciated by the readers.
  • The work of academic writing essays requires considerable skill that includes scholarship, literacy and reasoning. A good work demands time and effort. Rushing at the last hour virtually ensures a poor grade.
  • Be aware of the expectations of different academic tribes. Essays on sociology are not written in the same manner as subjects in the science or laws.
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