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Write my paper using APA style

If you are a student, you are definitely required to write a lot of paper, and if you are a Psychology class student, it is very possible that you professor would ask you to write a paper using APA style for at least several times. No matter what your course of study is, the APA style is something that is used by students of all disciplines, Psychology students in particular. If you're wondering what an APA paper is, it is simply a paper written in the widely accepted American Psychological Association format.
If you have never written a paper in the APA format before, it is possible that you would find the style and formatting tough and daunting at first. With practice, however, you would be able to write APA papers with ease. In fact, it is quite possible that you would love this style so much that whenever you wonder 'what style should I write my paper in?' the answer that would automatically come to you is 'APA'.

General APA Rules

  1. Start by observing some of the usual APA format rules. Utilize a standard-sized paper of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Always use a margin of 1-inch on all sides.
  2. The paper, when submitted in APA format, should always be typed, double spaced and in a 12-point font. Times New Roman is the most accepted font.
  3. Every page of the paper should be inclusive of a page header on the top-left corner and a page number on the top-right corner.

Section of an APA Paper

While the exact structure of the paper would vary a little depending upon specific instructions shared by your professor and the type of paper, there are some common sections.

Title Page

The title page of your paper should contain a running head, the paper's main title, your name, the name of the course and the professor's name. You must also include the date of submission.

The Abstract

This is basically a very brief summary of your paper and the section comes right after the title page. As per the APA format rules, the abstract should be no more than 150-200 words. Unless your professor, with regards to the abstract page, has shared specific instructions, keep it to a maximum of 200 words.

Main Content

The main content section of the paper as per the APA format is inclusive of the Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion section. Let's look at these individually:
  1. Introduction - The introduction of the paper is an important section and has the ability to make or break the entire write up. This is where you acquaint your readers with the paper, its topic, the arguments and logic and what is to be expected of the paper in general.
  2. Main Body - This is where all the content of the paper goes. The section is neatly divided into sub-heading and number or bullet points. Make sure that you organize this section well. It should have a proper flow and each point should be explained well.
  3. Conclusion - The conclusion of a paper is essentially a short summary of the entire paper and all the points that you've made in it. This is also an important section. Make sure that it does not look rushed.

Reference Section

The reference section is where you add all the citations and references to the material that you have used in writing the paper. Whether you have used direct quotes or paraphrased material, make sure that you add proper credits.
While writing an APA paper may seem like a confusing or difficult task, it is not really that tough. Start by breaking the format and style into smaller, more manageable steps. This will make things simpler.
If you ever feel that you need help to 'write my paper', you can always turn to a professional writing service. The next time you have to write a paper in the APA format, instead of wondering 'how do I write my paper good enough?', simply get in touch with a professional and you can rest assured that you will be able to submit a well written paper in the perfect APA format.
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