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Write College Essay Using Schaffer or DRAPES Method

Writing an essay has never been easy. Even if you already have thought of an interesting subject or perhaps spent ample amount of time gathering the necessary sources, it is still going to daze you from structuring your overall content. Including a comprehensively studied composition may still get crippled due to unstable positioning of thoughts and arguments. On the plus side, there is a much quicker and easier approach when you write college essay. For that matter, it would not be an overstatement to say that, with Schaffer or DRAPES in your side, you can properly position your ideas and arguments in your essays.

Using Schaffer Paragraphs in your College Essay

Generally speaking, Schaffer method helps you to properly organize your paragraphs data as well as ideas into unified body paragraphs. Moreover, it is composed of five different forms; a Topic sentence (TS), a Concrete Detail (CD), a Commentary (CM), a Commentary (CM), and a Closing/Concluding sentence (CS). Before anything else, let us first have a better understanding on what those words mean.

Topic Sentence

We all know that when you write college essay it must start with a topic sentence. This part will inform your readers what you are likely to address in a specific paragraph. It must be direct to the point and succinctly formulated. In addition, you do not really need to present any evidence or arguments in your first paragraph since it would repudiate your topic sentence. On the other hand, it is just simply stating to your readers what your idea is in the introduction.

Concrete Detail

In this part it is necessary to explain thoroughly what the important matter is. This is also supported with two sentences; no more, no less. You may cite an actual fact, figures, instances or examples, a scheme, or other proofs which you can use as a way to compliment your argument. Just make sure that the sources you are using are dependable and precise because there is a great chance to make or break your ideas. Also, it is imperative that you use quotation marks when citing main words or phrases and essential docs. Just be precise when explaining your details.


After your concrete details comes a commentary and this is also established with two sentences as a way to further discuss the significance of your topic. This serves as the core of your paragraph wherein you give your own evaluation and recommendations about the topic. You have to further elaborate your arguments while maintaining a sense of unity in your paragraphs. In this way, your readers will be able to efficiently understand your point.

Closing/Concluding Sentence

This is the closing, conclusion or the last sentence on each of your paragraphs. It is important to remember tht your conclusion must depict your overall paragraph so that it will not sound lame or dull. Some of the most common words that are being used when quoting evidences are: therefore, hence, consequently, due to this fact, etc. so long as it answers back to your argument.
When you write college essay, it is always essential to use the Schaffer approach. If you want a longer yet comprehensive essay paper, it is recommended to increase the commentary section, but you also have to make sure that the thought of the paragraph body is well-maintained.
There is another yet very effective essay writing technique that any individual must look into. It is commonly referred to as DRAPES Method.

Using DRAPES Method in your College Essay

To begin with, DRAPES is an essay writing method that assists individuals to come up with a sophisticated and appealing context while maintaining an organized thought on the overall essay paper. So what does those letters symbolizes?
D is for Dialogue; in this part, you will be using direct quotes in your paper. This would also help emphasize your argument or professional viewpoint in the composition.
R is for Rhetorical Question; those are the questions that tend to capture the attention of your readers. This portion also has the largest impact when properly used on your introduction or at the closing.
A is for Analogy; use different figure of speeches like simile or metaphor as this can assist writers to fully highlight what their point is all about.
P is for Personal Experience; citing your personal experiences towards the thought of your essay will surely induce your viewers to read more. Your readers will then be able to relate what you were portraying about, making the whole point more realistic.
E is for Example; examples make your paper relevant and ensure that it is on the right track. Also, this gives an amazing impact towards your readers.
S is for Statistics; this is usually referred to as the numbers and percentages of your paper. In addition, this helps to establish information and resilient facts in your essay.
With these techniques at your pace you won't have to worry about writing your essay papers any more. Moreover, when you write college essay, you need to make sure that the overall theme, idea, and conclusion is unified.
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