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Term Paper Topics on Sociology

Sociology is a vast subject and covers many aspects under the study of human society. Sociology students, as part of their term assignment might have to present term papers on sociology topics. In order to present an effective term paper, students have to be careful in selecting the topic and presenting the paper. It is hence imperative to select a topic that interests you, a topic which inspires you to research and explore more in that particular field of study. Since sociology is a vast subject, you have to be careful in choosing a unique and appropriate topic which is more researchable and gives you more information making it easy to present the paper. Here are few topics which might be interesting for you to explore further.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that has to be addressed and choosing such a topic you can express your views and you will also have an option to put across your ideas of dealing with domestic violence. Domestic violence is an abusive behavior by one of the partners in an intimate relation such as marriage or live-in relationships often resulting in physical abuse. There are many patterns of domestic violence such as verbal abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse etc. Most victims of domestic violence are not aware of their right to oppose and object domestic violence. It is very important to spread the awareness. Different nations across the globe have different laws to regulate such cases of domestic violence. However, there are few countries where there is no regulation or any law to prevent domestic violence. You can discuss about any such laws which might help the victims of domestic violence. You can also research and write about the different behavioral patterns of individuals causing domestic violence to their partners. You can also discuss various help options that the victims of domestic violence can look up to. You may also wish to do an analysis to find the main or root causes of domestic violence and discuss it.

Impact of internet on youth

Internet has changed largely the way we communicate or do financial and other transactions. While many a times internet technology seems to be a boon, it also has a set of disadvantages. Internet provides you with a range of services and also gives you a lot of information within seconds. Internet has been integrated into many applications which enable us to perform our daily tasks with a single click. The internet has both positive and negative impacts on youth. While internet equips today's youth with educative information and other academic services at a click of mouse, it also makes the youth lazy and eats up most of the youth's productive time. It has been reported that the youth are spending most of their internet browsing time only on social networking or dating sites resulting in low academic grades. There have been cases of youth misusing the internet by creating fake e-mail addresses to access sites which they should not. You can research and detail about the services and sites from which youth can benefit and also discuss about the ways in which youth misuse the internet. You can also write about how today's youth spend most of the time in front of the computer accessing internet, which affects their health and thereby there academic performance.


Racism has always been an important topic in the study of sociology as racism is a major social problem. The roots of racism are unknown but certainly are from very ancient times. Racism is belief that causes hatred between persons on the basis of race, skin color, characteristics, ability or certain people. A person might think that the other person or a particular race to be inferior and often tries to segregate such persons or groups. Racial discrimination is a serious social justice issue and needs to be addressed in large and impactful manner. Over the period of time, there have been many laws and regulations implemented in many countries across the globe in order to prevent racism in any manner. This problem of racism has been predominantly affecting the growth of nations for more than hundreds of years and has now come down in a huge manner. However, reports say that racism is still prevalent in many rural areas and small parts of the world. It is very important to inculcate the habit of treating everybody as equals, in children while they are at school. You can research and discuss about various stringent laws that helped nations curb racism. You can also write about the factors that majorly cause racism such as greed, fear and ideology etc. You can discuss how racism is a psychological phenomenon and how it causes the societies to be unstable.

Causes of poverty

There are various causes of poverty and poverty is a social problem which has been a topic of discussion for years under the study of sociology. With as many factors causing poverty, there are so many effects of poverty. The growing population is one of the major reasons contributing directly to poverty in large developing nations. With more and more land being converted to residential areas, the land for cultivation is getting affected and hence the low agricultural productivity causing poverty. Lack of education in children also directly contributes to unemployment and thereby causes poverty. There are certain unfair economic trends which also cause poverty. Corruption in business and government sectors results in the common man deprived of basic resources and hence leads to poverty. You can choose any single cause of poverty and elaborate on it after a thorough research or you might want to detail all the possible causes of poverty. You can also discuss about the strategies that are being developed by few nations and international organizations to fight poverty. Any other idea that can be useful to prevent poverty can also be discussed. You might want to include some real time examples to demonstrate the ill effects of poverty along with the causes of poverty.

Karl Marx's Sociology

Karl Marx was a great writer and also a great philosopher with ideas that are considered to have brought in strong social change. Karl Marx's theories about the society, economy and politics - collectively called as the Marxism has played a huge role in the formation of current socio-economic society. He wanted socialism to be replaced by communism. Marx has fought strongly to have the socialism implemented in order to eradicate the capitalism. He analyzed the capitalist societies to understand the economic disasters, exploitation and several other injustices and then also devised socialist theories which proved beneficial. The ideas of Marx have impacted the thought process of a common man and also on world politics. His works are a great contribution to the modern day sociology. You can further explore Marx's theories on society and discuss about why Marx was against capitalism and also write about how his ideas gave birth to sociology or the science of society. You can also discuss about the various writings and theories of Marx.

Here are some more topics for you to explore:

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  • Transracial adoption
  • Effects of consumerism
  • Violence at school
  • Influence of music
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