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Dissertation topic ideas on Political Science

Political science is primarily concerned with the social study of the political developments, policies, theory and practices of politics in a state, nation and government. It is further sub-divided into several related fields that comprise, but are not limited to, policy studies, political behavior and analysis, political theory, present status of the society and culture, political ideology, political philosophy, international relations and comparative politics. Today scientists from this field are engaged in predicting the possible political scenarios, events that could transform our future, they also foresee turmoil in a particular nation, identify processes, well accepted systems and predict the dynamics of nations. On this basis these political scientists are able to provide a roadmap that outlines the world of politics and their outcome.

As Political Science is a challenging subject, coming up with an impressive dissertation is even more demanding. Given below are few Political Science dissertation topics that can help you make a mark:

Implementation of Global Labour Standards

In 1944, the International community for labour standards located in Philadelphia declared that it is concerned with the growth and development of people as human beings and that "Labour is not regarded as a commodity". In modern standards, labour is negotiable and is also part of everybody's routine and is important to preserve one's dignity and respect as well as one progress and economic development as a human being. This labour standard is mainly enforced so that jobs are created, working conditions are well defined, safety is ensured and there is ample freedom and rights for every individual to express their rights. International intervention and guidelines are necessary to ensure that the global work force follows the legal framework on trade and commerce, finance, human rights and code of ethics for labour. Therefore, it is necessary that global labour standards are backed and reinforced by all governments, workers and employees.

Impact of Environmental Social Movements on social Activity

Environmentalism has been steadily growing through the transformation of the ideology of a crusade into a fully-grown and accepted social movement. The progress and growth of environmentalism as a movement is mainly due to the worldwide acceptance of democratic processes, energy requirements globally, fuel consumption and demand, anger and disappointment. These have in fact strengthened the movement that has introduced diversity and have created public awareness through the participation of society in mass protests demanding swift action. An in-depth study and clear understanding of how and why social and political shifts occur in addition to the consequences of those reforms may be explained on the basis of social movement theory and its impact on social and corporate activity. Therefore, risk assessments become more relevant and help to understand and implement organizational decision making through perceived financial performance and environmental risks.

European Public Policy and Europeanization

A dissertation on this topic should unfailingly include a thorough analysis of the European Public Policy, especially in the European context. It should stress on significance of the European dimensions in the policy-making of the present times. The analysis should be done at various tiers of the government and should comparative in tone and context. Such a dissertation should also help the readers with a thorough insight into Europeanization and how it had a profound impact on the functions of the European Public Policy.

Liberalization of Agricultural trade

Debate has been going on in the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the possible risks and a series of consequences that could arise from the liberalization of future trade. Trade reforms have been implemented on the basis of social issues governing poverty, economic growth, welfare of society and development. The majority of the world's population's livelihood has been agriculture and this urges the DDA to focus more on alleviating poverty and raising the standards of living in this sector. Organizations and institutions have debated the benefits of the DDA agreement and have conflicting views that are two-fold: the first group, describes huge economic and social benefits for developing countries and countries that are still under development while the second warns on the greater access of the northern hemisphere and its impact over the southern markets thereby protecting and sustaining its markets at home. It is also important that water resources community ascertain their stand on the impact of trade reforms over agriculture production which will have a future link between economic development and Enviornmental conservation etc. To bring about sustained growth and consistent levels of development in the agriculture area, requires implementation of periodic trade reforms which encompasses advanced and prolonged research, human resources that contributes to quality and standards, infrastructure and finances or investments. Lack of the above would certainly affect developing countries from obtaining an advantage over commodity prices and market access that is promised by the trade reform. Today, the 4 major Banks, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the Japanese Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund have effectively contributed to the growth in local as well as global agriculture and irrigation sectors. With the decline in the food and fiber prices, there is growing optimism in the economic performance of agriculture and irrigation schemes that were funded in 1995 and assisted by the World bank there on has benefited many countries.

Global Political Economy of Resistance

Resistance against globalization has been caused when a population is affected by the political policies passed by rulers or governments that have a social and economic impact. It was in 1968, that the resistance to globalization began to sprout up, initially during the Vietnam War, the conflict that rose to the brink of a nuclear ware fare and the processes that led to the Bretton woods collapse. In the later part of the 1990's, neo-liberalization seems to rule out alternative political solutions that finally gave birth to the global civil society. Today, Global political resistance is a response to the powerful pillars of global institutions like the G8, World Bank, IMF and the WTO. Very often we see that they are met with brutal force, organized crackdown by the police, journalism and mainstream media, military, spy agencies or sometimes even another countries military force. This is commonly witnessed in the west that benefits from the corporate theme of globalization. This movement is electric, well mobilized, de-centralized, having diverse ideology and acts through the global civil society and NGO's. A better understanding of the current global political economy helps to overcome present days problems through collective learning but to collectively forget seems to be the major problems.

Here are five more dissertation topics that can be explored by researchers:

  1. The Politics of Exile in Maghreb
  2. Cotton in the Global Polity
  3. War and Peace in the Middle East
  4. Political Influences on the Federal Reserve System
  5. Is Pakistan Lost in the Democratic Transition?

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