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Help Me Write an Essay: Writing Your Essay Using PEAL and DRAPES Methods

Most students may have experienced hard times with writing their essay papers. You may even cought yourself thinking if somebody can help you writing an essay. Actually, this could sound a bit rigorous but you should evaluate yourself and check your writing skills before you start writing a paper. Having thoughts like these in your mind, you can choose between the following two options. The first is to look for a professional assistance, and the second is to continue writing an essay personally. If you prefer the first variant, then you can be sure not to bother yourself with any writing issues that can appear, since a professional writer will deal with all the tasks for you. On the other part, you may try to write an essay on your own gaining assistance from your colleagues or close friends, or custom services providers.

After all, let's face it - writing an essay is not so easy task as it seems. Here you can find an easy to follow guideline on what should be the first and next thing to do writing an essay. Initially, you should find appropriate and reliable sources that relate to your topic. In writing a paper no less important is to use PEAL and Drapes methods. But before discussing above mentioned, we offer you to get familiar with the following essay writing guidelines, that you can find helpful enough.

Help Me Write an Essay Tips For Making It Well-Content

  1. One of the most important thing is to select relevant and in line with your focus of interests topic. That will be helpful to make your essay logical also.You must not ignore your personal dispositions however.
  2. Make a list of important ideas to follow along the way of writing an essay. You can consider it as a model in order to build the content of your essay. Make sure your plan is thoroughly circumspected for easy perception.
  3. Pay attention that when writing an introduction, it must be concise and brief. Remember that dull essays are out of the readers' interest. Therefore, you should combine those techniques rather carefully.
  4. Compose your context. Build up your ideas in a straightforward and presentable manner. This will make your essay easily comprehended. Always express your viewpoints factually and stick to your primary concept.
  5. Make sure to cite your ideas briefly in order to avoid making your paper boring for the readers.

In case you follow these basic rules directly, then you can easily move to use PEAL technique.

Using PEAL Essay Writing Technique

Let's firstly investigate on what is PEAL techique? PEAL is an acronym wherein each letter has its own applicable word. So what does each letter mean?

P - Purpose; be clear about the purpose of your essay. Make sure your sentences includes important details.That will help you make the content very interesting to the readers.

E - Explanation; in order to support your justifications during the entire essay, you need to explain your thought in a proper way and provide reliable as well as suitable proofs.

A - Analysis; remember that your justifications as well as the value of the content should be examined precisely. In case there are any arguments opposing your personal judgement, it is necessary to examine them in detail.

L - Link; your should compile your paragraphs making it one so that the paper looks like a story. Bear in mind that the overall content must stick to your topic and general ideas.

In essence, PEAL technique is designed to help you make academic writing convincing, engaging, outstanding and entertaining. Having this helpful and effective technique at hand, you won't need to say "help me write an essay" anymore since you can easily do it on your own.

Along with PEAL method, there is another technique that can help you with writing your essay. This technique is called DRAPES Method.

Using DRAPES Method Essay Writing Technique

DRAPES method is generally designed to keep composition planning and develop concepts for your content without difficulty. Just like PEAL, DRAPES is also an acronym wherein each letter has its own applicable word.

D - Dialogue; writing an essay, you should use direct quotes in your content, especially in case a person is expressing something. However, make sure your paper is not overloaded with it. The suggested ratio is about 25%.

R - Rhetorical Question; it is advisable to use rhetorical questions regarding the topic in the paper in order to keep in touch with your readers.

A - Analogy; the use of simile as a figure of speech will make your paper more interesting and exciting.

P - Personal Experience; along with the dialogue, you should include your personal experiences to the content. About two or three sentences will be enough.

E - Example; make sure that your example reflects to the entire idea of the essay.

S - Statistics; you can use digits or percentages within the content.

In case you will use these helpful techniques in a comprehensive manner, the question Help Me Write an Essay will be easily solved.

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